X Factor 2016: Who are the boys through to the Six Chair Challenge?

Nicole Scherzinger has six spots to fill, but which boys will she choose to take through to Judges' Houses?


Nicole Scherzinger is well known for her ability to make a grown man cry on television (Rylan, we’re looking at you babes) and she’ll certainly have the power to do so again this eve as she picks her team to take through to Judges’ Houses.


But who’ll be sobbing with glee like Rylan was? And who’ll be left feeling blue when she says “no baby, no”?

Mike Hough

Essex boy Mike charmed the judges with his take on Alanis Morissete’s Ironic but will Nicole give the cheeky chappie a seat?

Will Rush

Actor Will (formerly of Waterloo Road fame) gave up the day job to try and make it in the music industry. Will his gamble pay off when it comes to the Six Chair Challenge?

James Hughes

17-year-old singer James gave the judges quite the shock when he belted out an Etta James number in the audition room. Can he convince Nicole to give him a seat, though?

Niall Sexton

Northern Irish lad Niall lit up Nicole’s birthday with his rendition of Sara Bareilles’ Gravity during the auditions. Can she give him the gift of a chair and a ticket to Judges’ Houses?

Conor McGinty

We haven’t seen a lot of Conor just yet, but after listening to his covers we can see why the judges are giving him the chance to sing for his seat!

Matt Terry

He caused a stir on social media when people pointed out that he looked a little like Louis Tomlison, and he instantly charmed Nicole during the audition stages, but has Matt Terry got what it takes to survive the Six Chair Challenge?

Luca Valenti

We’ve not seen a lot of Luca on the show so far, but it seems as though this 17-year-old has quite the voice because he did rather well on X Factor Italy when he was – as Louis might say – “ONLY SIXTEEN”.

Freddy Parker

Freddy proved love was NOT a losing game when his take on the Amy Winehouse hit won him a place at Bootcamp. Can his next song secure him a spot at Judges’ Houses?

Nate Simpson

Music teacher and singer Nate absolutely blew the judges away with A Change Is Gonna Come but is a seat going to free up for him when he sings for Nicole?

Christian Burrows

19-year-old Christian brought everyone to tears with an original track he wrote for his brother during the auditions. Can he strike the right note tonight, though?


Who are the girls through to the Six Chair Challenge?

The X Factor Six Chair Challenge kicks off on ITV on Saturday night from 8pm