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Ofcom won't investigate Britain's Got Talent over sword-swallowing act

Alex Magala’s heart-pumping act earned BGT 33 complaints

Published: Tuesday, 26th April 2016 at 9:05 am

Britain’s Got Talent won’t be investigated by Ofcom over sword-swallowing act Alex Magala, the regulator has confirmed.


Magala’s heart-pumping performance, which included sliding face-first down a pole with a sword down his throat, drew 33 complaints for “violence and dangerous behaviour”.

BGT boss Simon Cowell admitted it was the most dangerous act he’d seen on the show, with fellow judge David Walliams addubg he was glad to see the act still alive at the end.

But the regulator said the Moldovian’s performance was “in line with audience expectations” and that an investigation won’t follow.

As for fears of the act encouraging copycat behaviour, the regulator ruled the show had offered the right warnings for TV audiences.

“The repeated warnings and clear references to the inherent danger of the act meant it was very unlikely that audiences would attempt to copy it.”

The programme was investigated by Ofcom last year after it was ruled the use of two dogs in Jules and Matisse’s winning performance mislead viewers and paying voters.


Britain’s Got Talent continues this Saturday on ITV


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