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Eight-year-old Britain’s Got Talent contestant Issy Simpson just took T-shirt magic to a whole new level

Week one act DNA pulled off their own T-shirt trickery, but this week's audition was even more impressive...

Published: Tuesday, 30th May 2017 at 6:54 pm

In the opening episode of Britain's Got Talent 2017, we were completely bowled over by duo DNA. Sure, their mind reading skills were pretty amazing, but we were more impressed with how they switched from camouflage to black t-shirts halfway through their performance with no-one noticing.


But now, an eight-year-old girl has blown that completely out of the water. On Britain's Got Talent episode 2, Issy Simpson took t-shirt trickery to a whole new level.

After asking Simon Cowell to pick a card at random from the pack, she returned to the stage and asked him what card he'd chosen before turning round to reveal her t-shirt emblazoned with Cowell's face AND the correct card he'd chosen.

Oh, and that's all before we mention the fact she'd somehow made a box get suddenly really heavy and had correctly predicted that Alesha would choose the word 'Kettle' from a completely random selection. Mind = blown.

“Is it bad for me to call you a witch?” asked Cowell, before saying, “This is like real-life Harry Potter.”

Amanda Holden added, “You’re extraordinary. You’re eight years old. You put a lot of big grown-up magicians to shame, it’s fantastic."

Unsurprisingly, Issy got four yeses from the judges who were left open-mouthed at her chalkboard trickery, heavy box and t-shirt madness.


Britain's Got Talent continues next Saturday at 8pm on ITV


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