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Britain’s Got Talent 2019: five acts to watch in episode 2

A familiar face, a Freddie Mercury fan and an extreme tambourinist take to the stage to impress Simon Cowell and co

Britain's Got Talent, X (©Syco/Thames)
Published: Sunday, 14th April 2019 at 7:27 pm

We thought nothing could follow on from last week’s strong opening episode, but as always Britain’s Got Talent still has the power to leave us shocked.


Here’s our pick of the acts worth watching out for ahead of round two….

The most familiar: Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle, BGT (©Syco/Thames)

Okay, so she may not actually be auditioning again, but 10 years on after she wowed the nation with her angelic cover of Les Misérables I Dreamed a Dream, Boyle is back to open the show.

It may have been a decade since we discovered SuBo, but she still has the power to get whole arenas up on their feet, with Cowell telling her, “You’ve still got the magic, haven’t you, Susan?”

A real class act.

The weirdest: Gonzo

Gonzo, BGT (©Syco/Thames)

In true BGT style, we can go from true talent to true eccentricity in the blink of an eye, with Japanese ‘extreme tambourinist’ Gonzo making his way to the stage after Susan.

Though they may seem worlds apart, SuBo was the one who inspired Gonzo to try his luck on BGT after he watched her performance on YouTube.

We won’t spoil exactly what Gonzo does with his tambourine, but we can tell you it involves a lot of Ricky Martin….

The most chilling: X

X, BGT (©Syco/Thames)

We knew X was going to be a strange act when they came out on stage, refusing to talk to the judges, take off their mask or even introduce themselves.

But X managed to freak out the judges and the audience when they made Ant and Dec perform a series of tasks to prove how strong the twosome’s connection is. We called Elizabeth last week spooky – it looks as if this week she’s got a run for her money.

The most unexpected: Kerr James

Kerr James BGT (©Syco/Thames)

It wouldn’t be Britain’s Got Talent without a few cute kids having a crack at the Royal Variety, and episode two sees the turn of Kerr James, a 12-year-old from Glasgow.

But if you were surprised by Faith Tucker from episode one, prepared to be well and truly blown away by James, who lists Freddie Mercury as one of his influences.

His performance is so unexpected, Dec comments to James’ parents that it’s as if “Kerr becomes someone else.” A talent well beyond his tender years.

The most nail-biting: Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan Goodwin BGT (©Syco/Thames)

The stuntman has been perfecting his act since he was seven years old, and has come on Britain’s Got Talent in the hope of one day having his own show.

But while his act sees him attempt extremely dangerous stunts on stage, Goodwin explains that it’s his fear of being judged that has stopped him from entering the show before.

Saturday night’s performance sees him replicate the infamous Harry Houdini magic trick of escaping from a straightjacket – but with a particularly deadly twist…


Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturday at 8pm on ITV


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