Sweary Doctor Who and other classic BBC bloopers to air this Christmas

Tom Baker, Judi Dench and Noel Edmonds will all needs their mouths washed out with soap

BBC, Youtube screengrab https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBpmCZV6GAc, TL

Ever wondered what your favourite TV stars are really like behind the scenes?


This December marks the 40th anniversary of the BBC VT Christmas Tapes: secret one-off comedy sketches and bloopers featuring TV’s biggest stars, all edited by the BBC’s video department for staff Christmas parties and never intended for public viewing. But the Beeb has now decided the saucy shorts are too good to waste, and will air a compiled version over the Christmas period.

The programme, titled The Secret Story of the BBC Christmas Tapes, will include Tom Baker’s Time Lord swearing at his robotic dog companion, K9; Judi Dench losing her cool on the set of children’s series Jackanory; David Suchet — aka Poirot — getting a custard pie in the face; and I’m a Celeb’s very own ex-emperor Noel Edmonds forgetting his lines during the taping of Swap Shop.

Fingers crossed the BBC is continuing the cheeky tradition for future shows…


The Secret Story of the BBC Christmas Tapes will air on Sunday 23rd December at 9.30pm on BBC4