Stunned Alexander Armstrong was a Pointless answer in last night’s episode

In case you weren’t aware, he has a music career on the side


It’s only a few days since Pointless aired its 1,000th episode (which had viewers freaking out as hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman swapped roles), but last night’s episode introduced another exciting first when Armstrong became part of the game itself.


In one particular round Armstrong and Osman were looking for the names of artists who had top 40 albums in 2015, and as usual the more obscure answers would get the contestants closer to the prize. Of course, Pointless answers, where none of a panel of 100 people gave this particular answer to the question, would be even better.

And in a first for the series it was revealed that one such Pointless answer was Armstrong himself, whose album Year of Songs actually reached number 6 in the album charts back in 2015.

Armstrong’s face was priceless.

And of course, the whole thing tickled the viewers.

Now all we need to do is wait and see if Armstrong can return the favour for his “Pointless friend” Richard Osman. Hopefully we’ll see it sometime in the NEXT 1,000 episodes…


Pointless airs on BBC1 weekdays at 5:15pm