Strictly’s Ian Waite defends Dan Walker following criticism: “I’m not surprised people are voting”

Some fans have argued that Dan should have been sent home instead of some of the other contestants.

Ian Waite on Strictly Come Dancing

As we get closer to the Strictly Come Dancing final, the competition is getting even fiercer and the line-up is being cut down to what should be the best dancers on the show.


However, some fans have debated whether the right person has been sent home.

Take last weekend, for instance, which saw Tom Fletcher become the latest contestant to be eliminated from Strictly 2021, following a dance off against Rhys Stephenson.

Following Tom’s exit, Strictly fans said the wrong person went home, with some suggesting that Dan Walker, who came last on the Strictly Come Dancing leaderboard that week, should have been the one to go.

Our columnist and former Strictly pro Ian Waite disagrees, however, and isn’t “surprised” Dan is still in the series.

Speaking exclusively to, Waite explained: “Dan’s not a dancer. He’s never danced before. He is one of the celebs who has come into this with no experience whatsoever and I think that’s what people love because he’s giving it a go.

“No, he’s not the most natural dancer obviously, because he’s never had any experience of doing it, but he’s improving week on week.”

Waite believes viewers are keeping Dan on the show as they’re able to identify with him, saying: “You can see the enjoyment in his face, and I’m not surprised people are voting for him because they can empathise that he hasn’t had any experience before and they can see improvement week on week.”

Dan himself has addressed the criticism, previously writing on Twitter: “I’m well aware that some people are furious that I’m still dancing, and that’s fine.”

He added: “I have never posted any of the thousands of positive messages we get every single week but, in the interests of balance, thank you to everyone who sends stuff like this. See you next week.”

Strictly Come Dancing is on BBC One on Saturdays and Sundays.


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