Simon Cowell confirms which Overs are through to X Factor Judges’ Houses

Max Stone, Ebru, Jennifer Phillips, Bupsi, Kerrie-Anne Phillips and Anton Stephans are victorious during the final Six Chair Challenge

Phew! This year’s Six Chair Challenge came to end tonight as Simon Cowell decided which six singers from his Overs category are going through to Judges’ Houses. 


As with all of the Six Chairs, there’ve been plenty of swaps to keep up with, Cowell chopping and changing his mind with the best of them. The crowd certainly made itself known in order to see the return of Max Stone, with the boss dubbing the arena the “lion’s den”

But 17 has now become six, so here’s who’s heading to France for Cowell’s Judges’ Houses this year:


Max came in for a bit of criticism from Simon Cowell who said he looked “half dead” as he struggled to see the fun side to the singer. But the crowd spoke: they wanted Max and they were darn well going to get him. So even though he was swapped out, Cowell eventually brought Max back, saying sometimes you have to admit when you’ve made a mistake. Max told us he “owes everything” to the Wembley crowd. 


It doesn’t feel like we’ve experienced all that much of 27-year-old Ebru through the process, but Cowell clearly sees something in her. You don’t get a seat at Six Chairs otherwise. At her first audition Rita Ora complimented Ebru on her tone of voice even before she sang. 


Well of course Jennifer Phillips was going to get a seat. She’s been a firm favourite since that Shackles performance. It’s a hop skip and jump to the live shows now, right?


Bupsi hasn’t made life very easy for herself on the show. Her first audition fell flat before Cowell told her to ‘get nasty’ and she threw herself all over the judges’ desk with an eye-popping dance routine. At Boot Camp she suffered with illness and didn’t 100% tick the boxes back at Wembley. But she’s got that seat and now it’s time to prove she’s ready for the live shows. 


Kerrie-Anne has given up a job teaching singing in Dubai to try out for this year’s X Factor. So far, so good. Will she get over the final Judges’ Houses hurdle? 


Anton Stephans caught Cowell’s attention tonight not just for his singing, but for his sassy response to criticism. After being told he pulls weird faces when he sings, Anton set about telling the boss about a life without botox. The performance was clearly what Cowell was looking for though, as Anton scoots on into the next round. He told us that he’ll work on the “crazy axe man” eyes before then.

The acts cut from Cowell’s category are as follows: Alex Boye, Hannah Marie, Holly Johnson, Joseph McCaul, Lochei Kusi Ghent, Neneth Lyons, Sherilyn Hamilton Shaw, Stephanie McCourt, Tonatha Raihan, Vicki Ann Nash and Zen Blythe. 


The X Factor continues next Saturday on ITV