Having made it through tonight’s Six Chair Challenge, X Factor’s Anton Stephans says his next target is looking less like a “crazy axe man” when he sings.

The vow comes after he delighted fans on Sunday night’s show when he hit back at mentor Simon Cowell’s suggestion that he pulls weird faces when he sings.

“If you’re a bit poor like me, and your friends are poor and can’t afford botox, your face kind of moves when you speak...”

But as much as he’s had plenty of support for what he calls his “crazy eyes”, Anton says we’re going to see less of them as he moves through to Judges’ Houses as part of this year’s Overs category.

“I take on board what he said,” Anton told RadioTimes.com. “He’s an incredibly smart man. If he says jump, you need to say, ‘How high?’”

Although, it seems Cowell’s quite lucky he got away unscathed from the exchange.

“My Aunt was in the audience of the Six Chairs,” Anton laughed. “She was sending me messages saying, ‘If Simon says anything rude about you, I’m sitting quite close, I can hit him with my handbag…’”

But Anton’s happy to get the feedback.

There are things that might need fixing and that might be true,” he admitted. “I looked at the first audition – I do hate watching myself on television – and all of those things you think are really cool, the way you walk or the way you do something, you’re looking at it and suddenly think, ‘Oh my god, what on earth are you doing?’ You think ‘Oh no, don’t do that. Don’t say that. Don’t speak that way’ and all of that.”

Nevertheless, the singer plans to stay true to himself.

“I look at those things, look at myself and think, ‘Ok well it is me’. I’m 45-years-old, I’ve lived this far, I’ve got enough people who love and care for me.

"I’ve had lots and lots of support. Even for my crazy eyes. Some people really like them. Although you won’t get as much of them, I promise.”

The X Factor continues next Saturday on ITV