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Simon Cowell admits he “publicly embarrassed” himself with X Factor comments

Overs mentor says he’s changed his tune after openly writing off his category as Bupsi, Anton Stephans and Max Stone make the live finals logo
Published: Sunday, 25th October 2015 at 10:40 pm

X Factor judge Simon Cowell has admitted his recent negative comments regarding his Overs category have left him red faced.


“I publicly embarrassed myself,” Cowell admitted to backstage after tonight's X Factor. It follows his on-screen outburst after being given the Overs category to mentor and recent comments suggesting he didn’t have a winner among his acts.

“Of course I’ve changed my tune,” he laughed.

“They've been great actually and now I've got to know them, I know what their strengths are,” Cowell continued. “I'm going to work now to give them great material. We have to look after each other now.

“I've got to know them, they want to win, they want to do well. I've got a point to prove.”

Flanked by the final three in question – Max Stone, Anton Stephans and Bupsi – I asked if they had anything to say to the boss after his less friendly comments.

“They’ve all hit me, beaten me…” Cowell joked.

But Anton had some kind words to say.

“Simon's turned around and said sorry. Anyone who turns around and says sorry and really means it, it's all forgiven easily. You can't help but forgive him, right?”


The X Factor continues next Saturday and Sunday on ITV


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