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Simon Cowell puts Bupsi, Anton Stephans and Max Stone through to X Factor live shows 2015

Anton Stephans, Max Stone and Bupsi are the Overs through to this year's live shows as Jennifer Phillips, Ebru and Kerrie-Anne Phillips are cut at Judges' Houses logo
Published: Saturday, 24th October 2015 at 8:40 pm

Tonight, Simon Cowell had to decide live on air which three of his Overs he was taking through to this year's X Factor live studio shows. 


Having watched Cheryl choose her final three Groups, it was over to the boss. Pre-recorded content showed Cowell and the Overs in France, where One Direction's Louis Tomlinson joined him as his guest mentor

Back in the studio, the Overs were given one last chance to tell Cowell why they deserved a place in the final of the competition. A tad awkward to watch. But what would X Factor be without a bit of 'this means everything to me' pleading?

Then it was back over to Simon who had to cut his category from six singers down to three. So here's who Mr Cowell is taking through to live shows:


Anton Stephans

Max Stone


Surprisingly, Jennifer Phillips was cut from the final line-up having seemed like a sure thing. Kerrie-Anne Phillips and Ebru were also cut, with Cowell admitting he'd changed his mind about one singer to give Max Stone the final space in his category this year.


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