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Scott Mills: my 5 Eurovision contestants to tune in for

The Radio 1 DJ picks his best entries – from the yodelling rappers to the West End star

Published: Saturday, 13th May 2017 at 7:00 pm

1. In it to win it


One favourite is 17-year-old Bulgarian Kristian Kostov and his song Beautiful Mess. He’s a good-looking guy so he’ll get the teenage girl vote.

2. Going for gold

Italy’s entrant is Francesco Gabbani and his song is, randomly, based on the book The Naked Ape by British zoologist Desmond Morris. The song is called Occidentali’s Karma and he has a dancing gorilla on stage with him. This is why I love Eurovision – how off the wall is that!

3. The comedy act 

Romanian act Iinca and Alex have a song called Yodel It! A heady mix of rap and yodelling, it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. They taught me how to yodel at the London press event a few weeks ago. Yodelling with rap — who’d have imagined it? Only at Eurovision!

4. My favourite

Obviously, I think Lucie Jones, the British act, is brilliant. She’s loads of fun and is already a West End star, so she’s got lots of performing experience. Plus she has a beautiful voice.

5. Favourite non-UK act 

If I had to pick a non-UK act, it would be Blanche from Belgium. She was on The Voice Belgique last year — a lot of Eurovision contestants now come from these shows. Her song is City Lights and it’s very modern for Eurovision — a bit Lana Del Rey, somewhat moody, dark. It’s going to be a fan favorite and she could win it.


Eurovision Song Contest: Grand Final is on Saturday 13th May at 8pm on BBC1 and Radio 2


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