Name: Blanche (Her real name’s Ellie Delvaux, though)


Age: 17

Twitter: @blanchemusicbe

Who is Blanche?

17-year-old Belgian singer Ellie Delvaux first rose to prominence on The Voice Belgique when she convinced all four coaches to turn for her with her take on Adele’s Daydreamer.

She didn’t win the competition but was later internally selected to represent Belgium at Eurovision in 2017.

Adele isn’t the only UK singer she’s tackled by the by. Here’s her take on Ed Sheeran.

She's currently one of the favourites to take the top spot at the Grand Final.

What’s Belgium’s Eurovision 2017 song?

City Lights is Belgium’s Eurovision entry this year, and it’s quite an unusual Eurovision song. It wasn’t originally written for the contest and was supposed to be a 4-minute atmospheric track with barely any lyrics.

Blanche collaborated with Pierre Dumoulin to create the track, also working with London Grammar, Birdy and Aurora producer Tim Bran to achieve the perfect sound.

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