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X Factor will have another double elimination this weekend

Two more acts will leave the competition this Sunday night meaning Cheryl or Simon could actually lose all of their acts by week two logo
Published: Thursday, 5th November 2015 at 6:03 pm

This weekend's X Factor will see the acts face another double elimination. 


Last weekend two acts were kicked out after their first live performance, Cheryl's Group Alien Uncovered following Simon Cowell's Overs act Bupsi out of the competition

Nick Grimshaw revealed the news on tonight's Xtra Factor, saying he was surprised how much last weekend's double elimination bothered him. "I didn't think it would upset me as much as it did," he admitted. 

But it makes sense for another two acts to go. There's plenty of singers to get through and just seven weeks of live shows this year. That's three shorter than usual, due to schedule changes to accommodate ITV's coverage of the World Cup.

But it certainly heaps the pressure on the acts, who are still getting used to performing live in the Wembley studio.

And it could spell bad news for judges Cheryl and Simon, who actually now only have two acts left in the competition: 4th Impact and Reggie n Bollie for the Groups, Max Stone and Anton Stephans for the Overs. They could lose both and be out just like that. That'd be a popular decision, right..?

Who do you think will be sent packing? Let us know below...


The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday at 8:00pm on ITV 


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