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Who is Hannah Agboola? Big Brother 2017 contestant profile

Hannah is entering the Big Brother house with her sister Deborah

Published: Tuesday, 6th June 2017 at 2:30 pm

Big Brother 2017 housemates: Hannah Agboola


Age: 23

Instagram: @hannahagboola_

What does Hannah do for a living? The Londoner is currently a make-up store host, although she also runs her own YouTube vlog Hanging with Hannah and describes herself as an 'actress and host' on Twitter.

What else do we need to know? Hannah's the current reigning Miss Nigeria UK. If she can sit on that throne, the Diary Room chair will be no bother...

Wait, does she have a sister in the Big Brother house too? Yep, Hannah is joined in this year's show by her sister Deborah. Apparently they're not afraid to back each other up in an argument. You've been warned fellow housemates.

Is Hannah single? Yep, but don't go thinking she's planning to go into the Big Brother house looking for love.

Why is she going on Big Brother then? "I want to do Big Brother because I want to do something I have never done before, it’s a unique experience," she says. "I want to be challenged as a person. I want to do something outside of the box."


She also says she "doesn't shy away or back down from a challenge". But only one Agboola can win Big Brother 2017...


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