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Who is Chyna Ellis? The Love Island contestant is after a clean man – and once partied with Anthony Joshua

Chyna says she isn't looking for any animosity with the girls or guys as she heads into the villa

Published: Friday, 30th June 2017 at 9:29 am

Name: Chyna Ellis


Age: 22

Occupation: Fashion stylist

From: Essex

Twitter: @chynaellis_

Instagram: @chynaellis_

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No, this isn't Chloe back again – it's Chyna! And she thinks her unusual moniker sets her apart from the other girls in the villa. She reckons her USP is "my name for starters! When I was born I looked like a china doll so that’s why they called me that. It’s definitely different."

What's she looking for in a man? "I could not date a guy that is serious. Someone that is very uptight. I couldn’t handle that. Also someone that is unhygienic. I want someone clean. And also I don’t like people that are lazy. Also people who are self obsessed. If they love themselves more than me we have a problem." Just as well she isn't fussy, too!

She's a girl's girl who will stick up for the other women in the villa: "I think girls should be treated with respect from guys so I will always support and protect them. On the other hand it is a game so I think I’ll just have to see what happens."

Oh, OK. Maybe not, then...

But Chyna loves a night out, and rather conveniently lives so close to Essex hang out Sugar Hut that she can hear the nightclub from her flat!

Anything else I should know? Her claim to fame is incredible...because it's so naff.

"I haven’t been on TV before," she said. "But I have partied with the boxer Anthony Joshua." We're hoping that isn't a euphemism.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2


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