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Who is Arthur Fulford? Big Brother 2017 contestant profile

The star of The F***ing Fulfords and Life is Toff is arriving to BB with a "really good time" in mind

Published: Monday, 26th June 2017 at 8:14 pm

A new series of Big Brother has begun, and with it a new clutch of housemates to get to know. But who are they...? Here's your guide to contestant Arthur Fulford...


Age: 24

Instagram: @arthurfulford

What does Arthur do for a living? His Big Brother bio says he’s a courier, but there’s not really a need for Arthur to work a 9-5: he’s heir to his family’s 3,000 acre Great Fulford Estate.

Has he been on TV before? Does Rylan whiten his teeth? Yes, Arthur's been on TV! In fact, he's somewhat of an upper-class reality star, first breaking onto the screen in 2004 documentary The F**king Fulfords. The show explored the family’s life in their HUGE mansion and the Fulfords were quickly labelled “The Osbournes in tweed”.

10 years later the Fulfords returned in BBC3 documentary Life Is Toff, which caught up with Arthur after he was expelled for bad behaviour from £30,000-a-year Sherborne school.

Top left: Arthur Fulford in 2014

What else do we need to know about Arthur?

He believes that the only way that you can truly learn in life is by making mistakes – an educational strategy he's boldly exercised through his previous TV appearances.

But muck-ups aren't his only source of wisdom: he's apparently a "secret bookworm" and loves learning about ancient classical civilisations. Which we're sure will come in handy in the house...

Why is Arthur going on Big Brother?

Well, not for the money. He is, however, hoping for "an opportunity to have a really good time and an exciting experience!”


Get an expletive-ridden sneak peek at the Fulford family below:

Big Brother 2017: meet the housemates


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