Netflix's latest dating show, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On has certainly got the world talking.


The finale and reunion aired on 13th April 2022 on the streaming giant and it certainly put the cat among the pigeons.

One Ultimatum couple revealed their happy pregnancy news (the series was filmed a year before).

We also got to catch up on each couple and the decisions they'd made following the experiment.

Read on for all the gossip and latest news on each couple from The Ultimatum, including whether they split or stayed together.

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**Spoiler warning for The Ultimatum**

The Ultimatum cast: Where are the Netflix stars now?

April and Jake - Split

The Ultimatum Jake and April
The Ultimatum's Jake and April Netflix

Instagrams: @itsaprilmarie and @itsjakecunningham

April, 23, issued an ultimatum to her partner Jake, 26, who she'd been dating for two years.

During the first week of dates, April had a connection with Nate, but she chose Hunter after he consoled her. It didn't work for them, though, as Hunter's partner Alexis got very upset that she chose him, and he decided to pop the question, resulting in the pair leaving the experiment early.

April was made to enter a trial marriage with Colby by default, while Jake chose to enter a trial marriage with Rae, who he got on very well with by the looks of things. She met his mum, and he met her dad, who she warned hadn't liked any of her previous partners.

However, when it came to testing out the trial marriage in their original couples, things weren't looking good for April and Jake. She went through his phone and saw videos of him recording Rae twerking during a night out, and he didn't take kindly to her going through his things.

During the final, things didn't go well for these two, as Jake chose to put an end to their relationship for good, opting to pursue things with Rae instead. At the end of the finale, Jake suggested that the two go on a holiday together to get to know one another better.

Where are April and Jake now? At the reunion, Jake revealed that he and Rae decided not to take their trip together out of respect for their exes. After the show, April and Jake got back together; however, it didn't work. April is now in a serious relationship with an older man, who she couldn't be happier with. Jake appears to still be single.

Shanique and Randall - Still together

The Ultimatum's Randall and Shanique
The Ultimatum's Randall and Shanique Netflix

Instagrams: @shaniqueimari and @rl_griffin

Shanique, 24, issued her partner Randall, 26, with an ultimatum as she wanted to take the next step in their relationship, having been together for a year-and-a-half already. Randall, however, felt he needed to manage his debts first.

During the first trial marriages, Shanique chose to be with Zay, while Randall chose Madlyn, who he got on very well with, sharing a bed from the first night and kissing (mostly away from camera, according to Maddy).

Things were moving a little slower between Zay and Shanique, however, and when Shan met up for drinks with the girls, she was very disappointed to hear that Madlyn had been getting up, close and personal with her man. So much so, she asked Randall to meet her for a chat, but it ended with her storming off and getting a cab home.

The pair managed to put things behind them at the finale, as Randall got down on one knee and asked Shanique to marry him. She said: "Yes."

Where are Shanique and Randall now? At the reunion, The Ultimatum hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey noticed that Shanique wasn't wearing her engagement ring. Turns out, the pair called off their engagement... however, they are now back together following a brief split.

Shanique and Randall
Shanique and Randall Netflix

Alexis and Hunter - Engaged

The Ultimatum's Hunter and Alexis
The Ultimatum's Hunter and Alexis Netflix

Instagrams: @alexiselainemaloney and @papa_parr

Alexis, 25, wanted to get married to her partner of two years Hunter, 28, however, he wanted to move in first. She had issues with this, being the higher earner in the relationship, and issued him with an ultimatum. During the experiment, Alexis showed interest in Colby, but he shut her down, and at the decision dinner, Alexis confessed her love for Hunter after April chose to have a trial marriage with him.

Hunter then popped the question, and she said yes, meaning they would both be leaving the experiment.

Alexis returned to a later episode of The Ultimatum, and showed the girls her engagement ring, and by the looks of things, they're still going very strong. Alexis and Hunter have lots of loved up snaps on their respective Instagram accounts.

Where are Alexis and Hunter now? The pair seem very loved up and are planning their wedding, which is set for June 2022.

Rae and Zay - Split

The Ultimatum's Zay and April
The Ultimatum's Zay and April Netflix

Instagrams: @rae.williams and @theofficialzaywilson

Rae, 24, issued an ultimatum to her boyfriend of two and a half years, Zay, 25. During the experiment, Rae entered a trial marriage with Jake, and Zay dated Shanique.

By episode 8, however, things took a turn for the worst, as the pair ended their relationship before the final decision. It comes after Zay went on a night out and ignored all of Rae's calls and texts, before returning in the morning, smelling of alcohol.

Where are Rae and Zae now? The couple are no longer together. Following filming, they decided to give things another shot, but it didn't work out. Rae is now seeing a woman, and opened up about no longer feeling "uncomfortable" about her bisexuality at the reunion. Zay appears to still be single.

The Ultimatum's Jake and Rae
The Ultimatum's Jake and Rae Netflix

Lauren and Nate - Engaged

The Ultimatum's Lauren and Nate
The Ultimatum's Lauren and Nate Netflix

Instagrams: @laurenkilos and @nathan_ruggles

Nate, 30, brought his girlfriend of two-and-a-half years, Lauren, onto the show because he wanted to get married and start a family. Although not against marriage, Lauren couldn't say yes, as she doesn't want children and therefore felt she wouldn't be able to give Nate what he really wants.

During the first week of the show, Nate enjoyed some dates with April and Shanique, and Lauren had been getting close to Colby.

However when it came to the decisions, neither April nor Shan chose Nate, which he was shocked by. Colby picked Lauren, but it didn't sit well with Nate, who got up from his seat to propose to her.

Where are Lauren and Nate now? The couple are still together, and have now agreed to have one child. At the reunion, Lauren revealed that they'd sought help from a professional and had been working on their relationship, before coming to the agreement that they would start a family.

Madlyn and Colby - Married

The Ultimatum's Colby and Madlyn
The Ultimatum's Colby and Madlyn Netflix

Instagrams: @madlynballatori and @colby_kiss

Madlyn, 24, was brought on the show by her boyfriend Colby, 25. While he was ready to get married, she wasn't sure, leading to an ultimatum being served.

Randall immediately caught her eye when they joined the experiment, and when it came to the decision, she opted to be in a trial marriage with him. Colby spent three weeks in a trial marriage with April, but it was purely platonic between them.

Madlyn on the other hand got very close to Randall and even admitted that she could see a future with him, as she introduced him to her friends.

And by episode 8, it looked like Colby and Madlyn could be at breaking point as they argued over dinner.

Where are Madlyn and Colby now? It looks like things are going very well for Madlyn and Colby. By the time the finale came around, the pair had managed to settle their differences, with Colby proposing and the couple going on to get married on the show. And at the reunion, the pair revealed that they were expecting their first child together.

The Ultimatum couple Madlyn and Colby
The Ultimatum couple Madlyn and Colby Netflix

Sharing the news, the father-to-be gushed: "I'm blown away by how she's handled it. My sister recently had a baby just last year, so we got full experience of how it works, the process of the pregnancy, and she is just no problems, no aches, no nothing. She is just an absolute champ about it."

The Ultimatum star Madlyn pregnant
The Ultimatum star Madlyn reveals her pregnancy Netflix

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