Netflix's Too Hot to Handle came to an end last week, with the Too Hot to Handle series two winner being revealed as Marvin.

The French model walked away with $55,000, which is what was left from the prize money following multiple rule breaks. Lana helped the Too Hot to Handle season two cast out a little bit by giving them the chance to win some money back after Melinda and Marvin broke the ultimate rule.

So, was Marvin the best winner for the show? Will he and Melinda last? And what about Cam and Emily - are they the real deal?

Season one contestant Chloe Veitch gives us a recap on episodes five to 10. Here's what she thought.

On Marvin and Melinda breaking the ultimate rule

I mean, it wasn't needed. It wasn't like a very romantic night, where they went on a date and fell in love. I just feel like they couldn't keep their hands off each other and done it anyway. It was very selfish what they've done! I mean I understand because I was obviously in the first series and and I know it can happen easily. Hats off to them. I wasn't brave enough to do it.

On whether Melinda and Marvin will last

I think the ups and downs that they experienced in the retreat with Lana, breaking the rules, because they have sex and it was towards the end. It wasn't really at the beginning of it so it's like the up and down roller coaster relationship. In my head when I was watching it, I was like, 'these aren't going to last a minute outside'.

On Cam and Emily

I really didn't like Cam when I watching the show at the beginning, because he reminded me of Kori and how Kori treated me me in the first season. I though he was doing it for clout, he was doing it for the screen. He proved that he didn't jump into the shower with Tabitha, but I feel like that was because the cameras were there. I think if Emily wasn't in the villa, he would have done it. But that is my personal opinion. I don't know. I feel like Harry and Francesca in the first season had loads of ups and downs and they lasted six months after the retreat. I think they could last but I just don't know how long.

On the prize money

Asked whether Lana should have put the prize money back, Chloe said: "No. They broke too many rules too many rules. You can only learn so many times. I just think that group just didn't care. They didn't care and I think punishment needs to be brought up. They were punished punished enough."

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On Robert and Christina's exit

I don't think they done anything wrong. I think Christina was put in there to turn Cam's head and it didn't work. Well it did, but it didn't, so I think there wasn't much use for her in terms of she wasn't really growing. But, Rob - I love him on the show. I don't think we see enough of him. I think that's maybe why he got because he wasn't involved as much as the others, which is just TV isn't it.

On the voting

When you're in there you have arguments which aren't aired, so with all that tension and all the power of you winning the money being in other people's hands, it's anyone's game. I was quite shocked when that happened and I'm glad it didn't happen in season one.

On Larissa walking out

I feel like when you're in the retreat, it kind of gets to your head I can understand that when all the emotions are up in the air, because she liked someone and and she didn't get much in return, so she probably thought, 'I don't want to act out on TV, I've got the most out of this experience so I'm just going to leave.' So I think it's a very, brave thing she did. She stood her ground and done what's best for herself.

On Marvin's win

I was shocked when Marvin won because to be honest I didn't like Marvin either at the beginning because obviously he kissed Melinda and was chatting up the other girls, and then had a go at her for kissing other people. I was like, 'No, you can't have one rule for one person.' I mean everyone that's been there and has gained their own personal journey, deserves to win, so I wish them all the best. I think Cam should have won because he showed the most personal growth and he opened up to Emily so much at the end. He sat her down as was like, 'Look I really like you' and you could tell he was getting emotional in some of the scenes and that was really brave. It then shows other guys watching the show that you can open up to your girlfriend.

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