Series two of Netflix's Too Hot to Handle is underway!


The second batch of episodes have dropped on Netflix and the Too Hot to Handle season two winner has even been revealed.

Here's everything you need to know about feisty, young singles who settled into the luxury retreat for the chance of winning a $100,000 cash prize ($55,000 now after all those rule breaks.).


Too Hot to Handle Tabitha
Too Hot to Handle's Tabitha Netflix

Age: 21

From: England

Job: Health Coach

Instagram: @tabithcl

British babe Tabitha arrived on the show in episode six and she wasn't afraid to shake things up, getting close to Chase and ruffling Emily's feathers as she flirted with Cam.

Tabitha is from South London and works as a health coach. She is is all about self-love, and only wants to be in a relationship with herself.


Too Hot to Handle Elle
Too Hot to Handle's Elle Netflix

Age: 26

From: West Virginia, USA.

Occupation: Entrepreneur.

Instagram: @elle.monae

West-Virginia based Elle is an entrepreneur, who has established her own star-sign themed jewellery and clothing online store.

Describing herself as a free spirit, Elle has a habit of falling into love triangles.


Too Hot to Handle Joey
Too Hot to Handle's Joey Netflix

Age: 23

From: Miami, USA.

Occupation: Marketer.

Instagram: @joeyjoy

Joey from Miami is a fun-loving sports champion with an eye for the ladies. Having excelled in the worlds of swimming, football, basketball and boxing, he’s ready to relax in the sun but how will he deal with Lana's rules.


christina too hot to handle

Age: 30

From: Italy

Occupation: Pilot

Instagram: @christinacarmelaofficial

Born in South Africa and raised in Italy, Christina is a commercial airline pilot who is multilingual - so many talents and skills with this contestant who is a day four arrival. She is also a beauty pageant winner and she had made it clear that she is used to getting what she wants. She should be a very interesting addition this year!


robert too hot to handle

Age: 29

From: UK

Occupation: Salesman

Instagram: @robertvantromp

Robert is a “Dirty Dance Champion” and we imagine that is all the information you will want to know. But just in case you want to know more about the second episode four arrival, he is a UK salesman and he has travelled the world! He describes himself as a gentleman but admits that he is also prone to breaking the rules - we're sure Lana will have something to say about that...


Too Hot to Handle Cam
Too Hot to Handle's Cam Netflix

Age: 24

From: Wales

Occupation: Model and personal trainer

Instagram: @camholmess

South Wales resident Cam is a self-confessed "sexy nerd". Some of his interests include Lord of the Rings and he can do a spot-on Gollum impression. Workwise, Cam’s a personal trainer. When it comes to relationships, Cam isn't interested in settling and believes the grass is always greener on the other side. Will Lana be able to stop his eye from wandering?


Too Hot to Handle Carly
Too Hot to Handle Carly Netflix

Age: 24

From: Toronto, Canada

Occupation: Model.

Instagram: @carlylawrence_

Described in her own words as a "man-eater", this Canadian model has no interest in finding a man. In fact, she's joined Too Hot to Handle to have some fun and let her hair down. Sounds like Carly is going to have quite the shock when she realises she's on a show where physical contact is totally off limits. Good luck, hun!

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Too Hot to Handle Chase
Too Hot to Handle's Chase Netflix

Age: 24

From: Arizona, USA.

Occupation: Athlete

Instagram: @chasedemoor

Professional football player Chase is used to having admirers, so he's ready for all the games to begin in THTH. He says he has a sex drive which is "100 out of 10". Well he better get his head in the game for Lana's rule list, where he won't be able to use any of that!


Too Hot to Handle Emily
Too Hot to Handle's Emily Netflix

Age: 27

From: London, UK

Occupation: Model.

Instagram: @emilyfayemiller

Emily is a multi-lingual model from London. She has interest in commitment, she always gets what she wants and she's not afraid to break some hearts to get it. Will Lana be able to bring out her softer side and help Ems find a deeper connection?


Too Hot to Handle Kayla
Too Hot to Handle's Kayla Netflix

Age: 26

From: Florida, USA

Occupation: Model and Bartender

Instagram: @kaylajean.official

Laidback Florida girl Kayla is happiest when hanging at the beach, tanning and surfing – and eyeing up the talent. A model and bartender, she loves a bad boy and has never been rejected. Her strict upbringing gave her a rebellious wild side when she left home, so will breaking the rules come naturally to her, or will Lana be able to keep her in check?


Larissa Too Hot to Handle season two cast member
Larissa - Too Hot to Handle season two cast member Netflix

Age: 28

From: Auckland, NZ

Occupation: Lawyer

Instagram: @Larissa_Townson

Nicknamed "Tinkerbell" by her friends, Auckland-based lawyer Larissa loves guys to be obsessed with her. She isn't a one-man kind of gal and enjoys all the attention she gets when out. We wonder how she's going to take to Lana's rules...


Too Hot to Handle Marvin
Too Hot to Handle Marvin Netflix

Age: 26

From: France

Occupation: Model and influencer

Instagram: @marvin.anthony_

Parisian model and influencer Marvin isn't just a pretty face. He also has a masters in finance and played basketball at the highest level in France. He also started his own concierge business. When it comes to dating, Marvin has confidence for days. But how will he take it when he no longer has the pick of the ladies and Lana takes physical contact off the table? Now, might be the time to start practising how to woo with just his words...


Melinda Too Hot to Handle season two cast member
Melinda - Too Hot to Handle season two cast member Netflix

Age: 28

From: NY, USA

Occupation: Model.

Instagram: @melinda_melrose

She might be one of 16 children, but Melinda has never had any problem with standing out in a crowd, and she's going into the villa looking to do just that. Will Lana be able to tame this wild gal?


Nathan Too Hot to Handle
Too Hot to Handle's Nathan Netflix

Age: 27

From: Texas, USA

Occupation: Former stripper

Instagram: @nathankwebb

Nathan is originally from the UK but moved to Texas for work. What type of work? Magic Mike style stripping! Stripping isn't Nathan's only interest, though. He loves country music and the ladies, of course! Having had his heart broken in the past, Nathan now jumps from girl to girl. Will Lana be able to save this bad boy and help him find the right girl?


Too Hot to Handle Peter
Too Hot to Handle Peter Netflix

Age: 21.

From: NY, USA

Occupation: Personal trainer.

Instagram: @petervigilante

Peter is a personal trainer from New York. When he’s not pumping iron, he’s performing as a TikTok influencer. It’s work that means he’s not shy of attention, receiving 100-200 DMs a day from his admirers. Well he better lap that up, because when he enters the Too Hot to Handle villa there'll be none of that.


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