**Warning: Contains major spoilers for The Apprentice 2024.**


The first candidate from The Apprentice season 18 was fired tonight following one team's abysmal attempt at hosting a corporate away day in the Scottish Highlands.

The boys were the losing team after over 50 per cent of their group requested refunds, which saw them lose money rather than make a profit. During the corporate away day, the land team were over 30 minutes late for the food team, with the clients complaining the food was cold and had to leave early to make their trip back home.

When back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar was less than impressed and asked project manager Virdi Singh Mazaria to bring back two candidates, with Oliver Medforth becoming the first of this year's Apprentice candidates to be fired.

Citing to Lord Sugar that he wished he'd been on the land team instead of in the kitchen, it was too little too late. Following his firing from the show, Oliver spoke exclusively with RadioTimes.com about his time on the show, and ultimately harbours no bad feelings about the outcome.

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Oliver in the back of a car after being fired from The Apprentice. He is wearing a brown jacket and blue scarf
Oliver in the back of a cab. Fremantlemedia Limited Fremantlemedia Limited

"I think it was quite a tactical play of [Virdi] to invite me in really," Oliver told RadioTimes.com. "I didn't speak up much throughout the time that I was on there [and] that's probably why [he thought], 'I should bring him back in.'

"And he did and Lord Sugar should have fired me and I respect him for that. And that's just the game."

Despite being fired first, Oliver has "no regrets" about his time on the show but plenty of things he would have done differently if he could do it all over again.

"I would probably have spoken up a lot more," he told RadioTimes.com. "I didn't put myself on the right team – I should have been on the hosting side, I shouldn't have been in the kitchen, clearly."

One of Oliver's major pitfalls on the show was failing to include flour in the brownie mixture for the clients, forcing him to remake the entire batch while the others focused on making the toad in the hole.

With this in mind, after being fired from The Apprentice Oliver created his own alternative brownie recipe that does not include flour, called Ollternative Brownies.

He explained that the process inspired him to try something different because "it tasted so good".

The Apprentice 2024 continues on Thursday 8th February at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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