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Supermarket Sweep to feature Love Island special – with Ovie!

Here's hoping Anton doesn't give out his number to cashier this time...

Love Island supermarket
Published: Wednesday, 14th August 2019 at 2:12 pm

Ever wondered what would happen if the Love Island shopping task got its own spin-off show? Us neither. But we might have a good idea after several former contestants of the ITV2 reality show compete on the Supermarket Sweep revival.


Three series five Love Island couples are set to battle it out on the revived game show hosted by Rylan Clark-Neal, also due to air on ITV2. Anton and Belle, Chris and Harley, and Ovie and India are all set to rush around the supermarket set to win a cash praise for charity.

Which couple will triumph? Will a lolly-sucking Tommy Fury make a cameo appearance during the episode? And will Ovie simply cruise the aisles at a leisurely pace in his bucket hat, baby Raymond Junior safely secured in the trolley? We’ll find out when the instalment airs this Autumn.

However, the Love Island special is just one of 20 hour-long Supermarket Sweep episodes set to air on ITV2 in the coming months. Over four weeks, we’ll be treated to the shopping-based show, which promises to retain the inflatables, catchphrases and jumpers of the original series, while adding in some “downright silliness”, according to ITV.

As host Rylan Clark-Neal previously told, the show will also feature a nod to original presenter Dale Winton, who died in May 2018.

“Dale’s passing was really, really sad, and we all just took that decision to say, ‘now’s not the right time to do this,’ because it was Dale’s show,” he said.

“I don’t want to lose the original Supermarket Sweep but obviously it’s 2019 so it does need to be updated,” Rylan added. “There may be a self-checkout, but don’t worry, we’ll still have checkout assistants. You can’t have Supermarket Sweep without checkout assistants.

“There will be old games, new games but ultimately the format will still follow playing the game, building your clock, the sweep and then the super sweep at the end.”

The original series of Supermarket Sweep, based on the US show of the same name, was first aired in 1993 and ran for eight years on ITV.


Supermarket Sweep is on ITV2 this Autumn


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