The Big Brother house may have found a new home – on Netflix, should Rylan Clark-Neal have his way.


The Strictly: It Takes Two presenter has always been a fierce advocate of the show, having himself won the celebrity version in 2013, and believes that streaming services would now be the best place to host the psychological experiment.

“100 per cent,” he told when quizzed about whether he could see Big Brother working on Netflix. “Of course it would work.

“People like watching TV when they want to watch TV, and you could certainly do Big Brother like that.

“Every day new episode could drop with the 24 hour highlights of the day before, then every Friday at 9pm you could log into your account and watch the eviction live. The technology is there with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.”

Rylan Clark-Neal
Rylan Clark-Neal talks about the future of Big Brother (Getty)

Clark-Neal added he “didn’t understand” Channel 5’s decision to cancel the show back in 2018 - particularly after the last Celebrity Big Brother with Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas attracted nationwide attention – and was dismissive about whether Love Island could be the show’s natural successor.

“There’ll never be another Big Brother. There’s only one Big Brother. You can dress up all these other shows all you want but there’s only one,” he said.

“It was the only reality show left that was real. You know producers wouldn’t be going in there and telling people what to do.

“It was the only real reality show where the housemates made their own fate, and it birthed every single reality show now. Whether it’s Love Island or Geordie Shore, it came from Big Brother.”

Clark-Neal, who recently teased the show's return on Twitter, said: “I know it’ll be back. I’ll make sure it’ll be back. I won’t rest until it’s back.”


Big Brother ran for a decade from 2000 on Channel 4 before returning to TV on Channel 5 for seven more years in 2011.