After eight episodes of hectic hitchhiking, expensive taxi trips and dramatic drop-outs, Race Across the World revealed its season 3 winners in tonight's finale.


With just three pairs left in the race, best friends Cathie and Tricia emerged as the 2023 champions after making it to the Lighthouse on Cape Spear, the final checkpoint.

They were closely followed by married couple Mobeen and Zainib, who came in second place, while father-daughter duo Ladi and Monique came in third.

Reflecting on their victory, Tricia said: "It is just crazy madness but amazing, absolutely amazing. We've raced across the whole of Canada, with sod-all budget, eaten cream cheese and crackers, got lost in Stanley Park and we've come first. How bloody amazing is that!"

Cathie added: "I'm totally elated, I feel just total elation mixed with a bit of disbelief. I'm overwhelmed, it's incredible. I think it's the best way to say thank you to all of the people in Canada who have helped us get here. It's just unreal."

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Race Across The World 2023 contestants Tricia and Cathie.
Race Across the World 2023 winners Tricia and Cathie. BBC

The pair will be taking home the £20,000 prize, clawing back the lead after being in last place by the sixth leg of the race.

After spending three hours trying to make it out of Stanley Park, their starting point in the race, they managed to make it into first place by checkpoints two and three.

In tonight's final, the pair were in second place after Zainib and Mobeen began with a 14-hour lead, however it wasn't long before Cathie and Tricia took over.

On the result, Zainib and Mobeen said: "We always said that if we are not to win, we would want Cathie and Trish to win. They are like family to us now and them winning is like us winning."

Meanwhile, Ladi and Monique added: "Huge congrats to Cathie and Trish – they've hustled hard and brought home that win!"

The contestants are set to reunite after tonight's show in Race Across the World: The Reunion, which will see the pairs give insights into their strategies and experiences throughout the journey.

Race Across the World: The Reunion airs at 10:40pm on BBC One, with previous episodes available on BBC iPlayer.

Previous season are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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