Who is Sally Morgan? Celebrity Big Brother 2018 contestant profile

Everything you need to know about Psychic Sally, Princess Diana's medium

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Latest: What has Sally Morgan been up to in the house?

Depending on who you are, Sally Morgan’s time in the house has been defined either by her hilarious ‘tell it how it is’ attitude, or by a sinister streak of troublemaking.


An example of the latter has been her ‘rude’ treatment of fellow housemate Hardeep Singh Kohli, who she has criticised for walking around the house shirtless. In another instance, she also dragged Ryan Thomas into a row with Hardeep over something he had said about Sally’s bunions – most viewers weren’t impressed.

On the other side of the argument however, she gained brownie points for standing up to Roxanne Pallett during ‘punchgate’. She has since become a supportive friend to Ryan Thomas, and was the one who read out the letter from his brother, which reduced him to tears.

Who is Sally Morgan?

Did you predict Sally Morgan was going into the Big Brother house? She should have: the British stage artist and medium claims to have the power of foresight, hence her nickname Psychic Sally.

In fact, she claims to be “Britain’s best-loved psychic” and was declared one of the world’s best by (heavily disputed) medium tester Professor Gary Schwartz.

Sally, a veteran on the psychic circuit, says Princess Diana used her services for four-and-a-half years and claimed to have predicted her death, but forgot to tell anyone about it until after the tragedy.

Morgan – real name Michelle West – has shown off her powers in several TV shows, including Star Psychic on ITV2, The Psychic Life of Sally Morgan on Sky Bio, Sky Living’s Psychic Sally: On The Road and ITV’s This Morning.

Morgan says she saw her first ghost aged four and, while listening to Cliff Richard, was later visited by a spirit who supposedly said ‘shut that bloody racket up!’. Hardly what you would imagine somebody beyond the grave would get in touch about, but we can understand where they’re coming from.

This won’t be the first time that Morgan has been linked to Big Brother. In 2007, she gave a reading to Brian Dowling, who won the second series of the show and the Ultimate Big Brother series. (Morgan later admitted she pretended not to have already met Brian before filming started “because the director told me to”).

Of course, Morgan isn’t the only medium to have graced the Big Brother house recently, with Derek Acorah partaking in the show’s twentieth series. He finished fourth overall but was also laughed at by EastEnders Barry actor Shaun Williamson for claiming to have used psychic powers in the OJ Simpson trial while covered in gunge. Swings and roundabouts, eh?

Sally Morgan: key facts

Age: 66

Twitter: @SallyMorganTV 

Instagram: sallymorgantv


Location: Florida