Time was up for another contestant on The Apprentice tonight after they led their team to failure.


In tonight's episode, the candidates were tasked with branding an electric vehicle and creating an advertising campaign before pitching to a panel of experts.

For one team, their confusing advert and "childish" logo led to experts not wanting to invest and it was project manager Noor Bouziane whose decisions didn't hold up in the boardroom.

As all was revealed to Lord Sugar about the events leading to the team's failure, the business mogul questioned the decision of the location for the advert as well as the logo for the vehicle, which he quite simply couldn't wrap his head around.

As Noor chose to defend her decisions, Lord Sugar was even more bemused.

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When speaking of their advertisement for the vehicle, Noor said: "I didn't want to use the cliche, like the typical advert where the van is moving. I feel like that's done before."

Lord Sugar then responded: "But Noor it is a vehicle. Surely you'd want to see it driving somewhere. It may as well just be a stall in a market."

After watching the advert in the boardroom, Noor said it was "very good", but Lord Sugar wasn't convinced and asked: "What's good about it?

"It's not straight to the point. It's a 30 second advert, 15 seconds of which are a couple of girls sitting on a bench. What's that got to do with a vehicle?"

"[The video] wasted the first 15 seconds with the girls chatting," the experts reported back.

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As Noor returned to the boardroom with Tre and Rachel, her time was up, as Lord Sugar made the decision to fire her.

Lord Sugar said: "I'm frustrated, Noor, that you don't understand how you've messed this thing up. I gave you the opportunity to prove yourself. It was a terrible, terrible advert and I'm afraid to say it is with regret, Noor, that you're fired."

While in the taxi home, Noor said: "I'm grateful to have met amazing people and to have shown just a small percentage of what an amazing businesswoman that I am. And even though the advert got a lot of criticism I still believe that it was really good."

The Apprentice season 18 continues every Thursday on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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