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Where all the Love on the Spectrum cast are now

Netflix show Love on the Spectrum looks at what dating is like for people on the autism spectrum - here's what they're up to now.

Published: Friday, 31st July 2020 at 3:42 pm

Love on the Spectrum is the latest Netflix dating show with a difference.


The new series has already been met with positive reviews for its sensitive take on what's it like dating when you are on the autism spectrum.

The 11 cast members actually had a more successful dating experiences than say Married at First Sight or Love is Blind. We all know we need some happy news when it comes to relationship shows, who wants to see all the dramatic break ups? (ok, we do too)

All the couples had a good time, and two are even married!

Here's where the Love on the Spectrum cast are now.

Thomas and Ruth

Thomas and Ruth had been together for four years before the show started. In the very first episode they revealed they were engaged. Ruth has now posted on Instagram showing off their wedding snaps.

The pair visited a cat cafe after their wedding, because, why not? They shared pictures of their cute trip online too.


Chloe from Love on the Spectrum
Chloe from Love on the Spectrum Netflix

Chloe, who is bisexual, said she went out with anyone who asked her. She revealed early on that she had been dumped by an ex after she told them that she was autistic.

Chloe, 19, was paired up with Lotus for her date and the pair said they wanted to meet again after their sunflower-picking trip.

"With Lotus, the conversation kept flowing and was hardly ever awkward," she said after they bonded over Sailor Moon.

"No one made me feel the same way as she did before. I kept smiling for hours after our date ended."

The pair sadly aren't dating anymore, but Chloe has said she's keen to get out there again and date. She also said she's learned to be more selective. "Before the show, I would accept dates because I was asked. I thought it was rude to decline," she added.


Michael kicked things off in the first episode revealing he was all new to dating - his dream was "to be a husband". He'd already made a plaque for his future wife, got his wedding ring and listed dealbreakers. The requirements included someone who wasn't "tomboyish" and no goths.

Michael and Amanda didn't pan out, but he said he learnt a lot from the whole process.

"I did learn that you have to feel some kind of connection with the person you are dating," Michael told Refinery29.

"If it becomes clear that the person isn’t enjoying themselves, I don’t think the date should continue."


Mark on Love on the Spectrum

Episode three sees Mark looking for love by attending a boot camp where he meets several women including Maddi. Talking to Refinery29 he said: "I learned to ask a lot of questions and how to talk and behave when dating.

"Having these skills has really built up my confidence, and it’s given me a new lease on the wonderful but complicated world of love and relationships."


Maddi from Love on the Spectrum

Maddie asked for a "tall, blonde, green eyes, ripped" partner. Maddi dated Mark on the show, but it's not clear what she's up to now. She did say she wanted someone on the spectrum as "similar personality traits is quite good."

Jimmy and Sharnae

Jimmy and Sharnae on Love on the Spectrum

The second couple on the show was Jimmy and Sharnae. The pair had been dating three years before the show and got engaged. We're waiting on those wedding details!


Olivia from Love on the Spectrum
Olivia from Love on the Spectrum Netflix

Olivia said dating wasn't something she'd thought about much. The actress said: "I didn't really see many people with autism with partners...The stereotype is like, us weirdos living in our parents' basements until we're like 80, alone and single.

"So, I just assumed that would be my life."

There's no more information about Olivia's dating life after the show.


The artist and Comic Con cosplayer is still in Sydney. On the show, he attended a dating boot camp. It's not clear what's going on with his dating life at the moment, but he looks happy on Instagram.


Andrew from Love on the Spectrum

Andrew still works at the Family and Community Services in Newcastle. He lives with his family where he built a six foot tall Ferris Wheel. He loves jigsaw puzzles and teddy bears. He went speed dating on the show, and admitted he felt at 27 he had left it too late. It's not clear what Andrew has done after the show.


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