It's safe to say that's it's been an eventful run of Married at First Sight UK this year, with arguments and relationship drama aplenty.


As we near the end of the season, though, it looks as though the drama is far from letting up as viewers get ready for the much-anticipated final dinner party that sees the couples and former brides and grooms reunited for one last hurrah.

While viewers will be keen to see which couples remain together and who will walk into the dinner hand in hand, it looks as though there's one confrontation that will be the talk of the night.

Bianca and JJ come face-to-face for the first time since Bianca left the experiment single and JJ re-entered the experiment with Ella.

In an exclusive clip to, JJ admits to Ella that he's got high blood pressure and that his heart is beating really fast.

The pair laugh it off together, with Bianca watching on from the other side of the table. But Bianca admits to the camera that watching JJ and Ella makes her "sick".

She says: "I just feel like the whole way that I've been treated from them two is just shocking."

Later on, JJ turns to Bianca to ask whether they can go off for a chat together. But in the chat, things get heated after JJ apologises for the way he treated Bianca.

JJ talking to Bianca in Married at First Sight UK
JJ and Bianca in Married at First Sight UK. Simon Johns / Channel 4

Although early signs in their conversation look positive with JJ apologising for the way things happened, Bianca says that she is "f**king angry" at the way that JJ and Ella walked into the dinner party.

"We didn't even have a chance," Bianca says. "It's so hurtful towards me and I have to watch you two being cuddly. You've walked in separately but you're, like, cuddly? What the f**k?"

She adds: "You gave her a chance? You didn't even give me a chance."

Will the pair be able to resolve their differences and continue having a peaceful dinner party? We'll have to wait and see.

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It's certainly been a rocky ride for JJ and Ella with the final episodes of the season seeing the pair having to confront the "spiteful" comments Ella would make to JJ when she drinks alcohol.

Ella was originally partnered up with Nathaniel and JJ with Bianca but the pair decided they had a better connection with one another, being asked to re-enter the experiment by the experts as a new pair.

While the decision to return was met with both excitement and confusion by the other participants, the pair underlined their connection to the experts. But it was in their final vows that doubts over their relationship started to come to the fore.

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No matter their relationship status, will Bianca come to be accepting of the pair? Something tells us that we'll have to strap in tight for tonight's episode.

Married at First Sight UK 2023 airs on E4 on Monday to Thursday at 9pm. Past seasons are also available to stream on Channel 4.

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