Tonight, Monday, the inhabitants of the two Love Island villas will crash back together after the tears, upset and drama of Casa Amor.


But if you think you know what's going to happen next: think again.

It looks like there's going to be an alteration to the format compared with 2017. Last year, the recoupling ceremony that brought the two villas back together saw the girls deciding whether they wanted to stick with the original boy they were coupled up with, or pick one of the new lads who had entered the villa. The boys were asked the same question over at Casa Amor – either stick with their girl from the original villa or bring a new face back with them.

So far, so similar as it looks like that's exactly what's going to happen in tonight's episode, too.

However last year, any of the boys who were not picked by the girls were immediately dumped from the villa. That meant Dom Lever, who had been coupled up with Montana Brown (yes, really), was booted out when she chose to recouple with Alex Beattie.

But this year – in a twist which is sure to make Megan feel rather queasy – the boys who aren't picked and are left single will still be hanging around in the villa.

Love Island's Wes is left single
Love Island's Wes is left single (ITV)

On Monday night's show, when Caroline asks Megan whether one of the new boys has caught her eye, Megan says: "Although I was getting to know Wes, I feel like I’ve had a really good connection with one of the new boys. He is genuine, he is fun and I really fancy him so I’ve decided to couple up with one of the new boys." She then chooses to couple up with Alex.

Wes, however, is then seen walking back into the villa by himself. Earlier in Casa Amor, Wes had revealed: "I just want to get back to Meg now. I feel like I know where my head is at and she was saying exactly the same stuff that I was saying… I’ll be gutted if she’s got with someone over there. We have put our necks on the line, I’ll be gutted if she’s done [something]."

Will Wes try to muscle in and get between Megan and Alex? Will Megan immediately go back to Wes once he returns to the villa? Will Wes try to get back with Laura??

Whatever happens next, we can't wait to see it (unless it's more of Dani being upset).


Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2