Lovesick Love Islander Dom Lever has been dumped from Casa Amor – and the relief is palpable.


In one of the most dramatic episodes of the series so far – with a level of intensity to rival Line of Duty, no less – the contestants had to choose whether to stay loyal to their partners or to recouple with people in their new villas, at the risk of sending the original Love Islander home.

Montana decided to recouple with newbie Alex, meaning Dom was dumped from the show. Dom appeared to be pleased with this result, as he was looking forward to reuniting with “the girl I love” – Jess Shears.

Speaking about his use of the L word (omg) Dom said: "She told me she loved me before she left and I feel like I should have said it but I didn’t think it was the right time. But yes, I love the girl and I genuinely can’t wait to see her.”

He added: "I was pleased with myself because you’ve seen Jess - I’ve pulled an absolute worldie!”

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On the rumours about Mike and Jess sleeping together after they left the Island, Dom said his “main priority” is “to see her and finally air things out” – and that he wouldn’t put it past Mike to try and crack on with Jess.

Dom, like the rest of the nation, reckons Marcel and Gabby will win, and that “Jonny is playing the biggest game in there.”

He said that Camilla, meanwhile, is “one of the most respectful women I’ve ever met, she is a role model to people’s daughters.”

Some viewers (including ex Love Islander Olivia Buckland) thought it was about time Dom left – and that he should have followed Jess out in the first place…

This is your chance to go home now Dom... take it... with both hands... and feet... and every other part of your body. #LoveIsland

— Olivia Buckland (@OliviaDBuck) July 2, 2017

Others were just glad that Dom and Jess would be reunited...

dom&jess r getting reunited and this is how i feel rbn?? @Jessica_Rose_UK #LoveIsland

— Jess? (@jessxff) July 2, 2017


You can see Dom and Jess’ reunion on Aftersun next Sunday at 10pm on ITV2