Love Island 2018: is Danny Dyer heading to the villa?

Dani's mum Jo Mas said Danny "would love" to make a cameo and drop in to see his daughter on the ITV2 show

Danny Dyer, Dani Dyer, Jack Fincham (Getty, ITV, EH)

Danny Dyer WILL make an appearance on Love Island, according to his wife and Dani’s mum, Jo Mas.


There had been speculation over whether the EastEnders actor would or wouldn’t be heading to Majorca if Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham were to make it to the latter stages of the show, where parents of the contestants come in to the villa.

Now, speaking on This Morning, Jo has said of Danny: “He would do a cameo on that show – he’d love that.”

So, yes, we could well be seeing Danny Dyer in the villa over the coming weeks. Cannot. Wait.

Meanwhile Jo also addressed the revelation that Jack’s ex-girlfriend Ellie dropped in the villa – that he had a poster on his wall of one of Danny’s films, The Business.

Jo said that Danny’s reaction to the news was that “he laughed. We were both laughing. Danny likes being mentioned on that show.”

After the controversy that saw 2,500 people complain to Ofcom over Dani being shown misleading footage of Jack from Casa Amor, Jo said she spoke to producers about wanting to take her daughter out of the show – but was reassured that Dani “was fine”.

Thankfully for Dani and Jack, both Jo and Danny seem to approve of their daughter’s budding relationship with the stationary salesman.

Dani and Jack on Love Island
Dani and Jack on Love Island (ITV)

“I do think she made the right connection,” said Jo.  “The first time I saw him [Jack] on the telly, I was thinking he really is Dani’s type he’s so funny and so warm.”

Jo also revealed that her parents – Dani’s grandparents – actually met in Majorca. It’s got to be fate.

“Danny really likes Jack but I think Danny, when he does meet Jack, big Danny, I think he will probably cry, ‘You’ve took my child away from me’. He’s really possessive,” said Jo.

(L) ITV, (R) Getty, TL
(L) ITV, (R) Getty, TL

“I know she really does like him because she keeps panicking,” she added of Dani. “And she does panic if she likes something that it is all going to go wrong. She does like him, I know she does.”

Meanwhile it’s been revealed that the Love Island cast haven’t been watching the World Cup matches – and they won’t be watching England v. Sweden this weekend, either!


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2