The Love Island villa goes into meltdown on Friday night, with Ellie and Georgia seen having a very nasty argument in the kitchen. But what the hell is going on? And where has this come from?


Well now we know how the big bust-up comes about – and it's all because Ellie decides to step in and defend Laura against Georgia.

Let us explain...

Thursday night's episode saw both Wes and Georgia choosing two islanders to go on a date with. Georgia chose Sam and new boy Jack, who's currently coupled up with Laura.

Despite insisting how "loyal" she is, and that she only wanted to take Jack on a date because he made her laugh, we saw her make a move on Laura's man during their date. She went in for not one but two kisses with him over a glass of Prosecco.

In the villa, Jack reveals all to Laura: "It was a nice date but I don’t really see it working with me and her," he says. "And I did make that clear. Then when we got up to leave, I’ve gone in for a kiss on her cheek and she came in towards me straight on and she kissed me on the lips. Then she went for a two kiss thing and I pulled away the second time because I thought, ‘This is so not what I need right now.’"

Love Island Friday 6 July - Laura and Jack
Laura and Jack in Love Island this Friday 6th July (ITV)

Laura, understandably, then says she is "done" with Georgia before describing her as a "little girl", adding that she is "gobsmacked" and "fuming" over the Georgia-Jack kiss.

However, when Laura confronts Georgia about what happened on the date, Georgia denies making a move on him. Later on, she even goes so far as to say: "He came to kiss me". Errr, OK....

Love Island Friday 6 July - Georgia and Laura
Georgia and Laura during Love Island's Friday episode (ITV)

Anyway, later in the kitchen, Laura tells Ellie about Georgia lying to her. As Georgia walks past, Ellie says "it’s b*llshit" and Georgia tells her to "wind your neck in." And so it begins...

The teaser shown at the end of Thursday night's episode sees Georgia shouting and gesticulating at Ellie as she fumes: "Ellie you need to f**king pipe down because you’re f**king…", at which point she's cut off by Ellie firing back: "Well don’t..."

Love Island Friday 6 July - Georgia
Love Island Friday 6 July - Georgia (ITV)

It all then gets a bit shouty and indecipherable, but you can pick out Georgia then retorting: "Ellie, shut the f**k up. I will go for you, man. Shut up," with Josh seemingly stepping in to break the pair up.

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After the sneak peek last night, everyone was left pondering just what has happened between the girls.


We'll see the whole sorry mess play out when Love Island returns tonight at 9pm on ITV2.