Love Is Blind has taken the world by storm as everyone is desperate to know the fates of the couples on the show.


Fans don't have long to wait as the finale will land on Netflix on 27th February, but it seems the streaming giant may have blown the cover already.

After confirming there would be another episode after the thrilling conclusion (a reunion show!), they attached a picture of the couples all back together after the end of the show. has looked very closely indeed at the picture, and we think we've clocked who is still together and who has sadly parted ways...

Jessica and Mark

Love Is Blind's Mark and Jessica

Instantly, our eyes were drawn to the positioning of Jessica and Mark, the pair who have the most fragile relationship. And it looks like it's bad news for them, as Jessica is seen at the back of the left-hand side, and Mark is at the right. What's more, both look a little tense, but are they annoyed by the sight of each other? Or is Netflix playing a trick on us?

Lauren and Cameron

Love Is Blind's Cameron and Lauren

Thank goodness they are at least sitting together! The pair very quickly became fan-favourites as their open and honest relationship seemed like it would work. What's more, they both got the green light from their respective parents. Are they still together? Who knows, but Cameron has his arms around his girl, so it looks like good news.

Amber and Barnett

Love Is Blind's Amber and Barnett

We almost didn't recognise Amber with her long blonde locks, but thankfully, we could pick her out because she's front and centre with her hand on Barnett's knee. A good sign, right? Well, he looks a little tense, but is it just reunion nerves? Or is it because Jessica can't take her eyes off him?

Damian and Giannina

Love Is Blind's Damian and Giannina

They undoubtedly have an explosive relationship, but they're pretty close in the reunion first-look. They were the first to walk down the aisle, but were they the first to tie the knot? At least they're sitting together!

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Kelly and Kenny

Love Is Blind's Kelly and Kenny

The one we're most worried about is Kelly and Kenny. They were endgame material, but in the picture, you could park a bus in the gap between them. Neither looks particularly pleased to be sitting next to each other, let alone be in the same room, so is this the biggest sign yet they will split?

Diamond and Carlton

Love Is Blind's Carlton and Diamond

They dramatically split on the Mexico holiday and it seems they haven't rekindled their love, as both are sitting on opposite sides of the studio from each other. That's another sign that makes us worry for Jessica and Mark, the only other pairing sitting far away from each other.


Love Is Blind's finale drops on Netflix on 27th February