This is why Lottie Lion isn’t on The Apprentice: You’re Fired!

The controversial candidate won't be appearing on any of The Apprentice spin-off shows

Lottie Lion The Apprentice (BBC)

Fired Apprentice candidate Lottie Lion will not be appearing on The Apprentice: You’re Fired! this week after the BBC show decided not to invite her to participate following an inquiry into “unacceptable comments” she made about a fellow contestant.


Lion left The Apprentice, along with candidates Lewis Ellis and Pamela Laird, following the rigorous interview stage, leaving Scarlett Allen-Horton and Carina Lepore as finalists.

However, after several accusations were made against her by other contestants, Lion will not appear with Ellis and Laird on spin-off debrief series You’re Fired! or its finale counterpart You’re Hired!

A spokesperson from The Apprentice said: “Following an inquiry by the production company into the unacceptable comments made by Lottie on a private messenger service, she was informed that she would not be invited to participate on You’re Fired.”

Lion first made headlines when she allegedly told fellow candidate Lubna Farhan to “shut up, Gandhi,” in a WhatsApp group chat, a comment she later claimed was referring to an actual Gandhi quote that Farhan had recently used in an argument.

In an interview with The Sun, Lion revealed that after the accusation, she and the rest of this year’s Apprentice candidates were called to London for a meeting with the BBC and the show’s production company.

While there, she claims the BBC threatened to remove her fee for the show, but instead settled on her making no further appearances on its spin-off programmes.

Lion denies accusations of racism, and told the paper, “If I hurt Lubna in any way, that wasn’t my intention and I apologise to her for any distress that I did cause.”


The Apprentice final will air on Wednesday 18th December at 9pm on BBC One