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Meet Lottie Lion: Apprentice 2019 candidate is a “very cut-throat” librarian

But does she do business by the book?

Lottie Lion The Apprentice (BBC)
Published: Wednesday, 18th December 2019 at 7:09 pm

There's always one controversial candidate on The Apprentice and this year it's Lottie Lion.


Outspoken, strong-headed and certainly divisive, Lottie Lion is an impressively alliterative librarian with a taste for country life.

From THAT WhatsApp message, to her record in the process, here's all you need to know about Lottie...

Lottie Lion: The Facts

Age: 19

Occupation: Librarian

Lives: Somerset

Twitter: @LottieLion1

Instagram: @lottie.lion

What is Lottie Lion’s business?

In a bit of a first for The Apprentice, Lottie is a librarian – but will she and Lord Sugar find themselves on the same page?

Despite the stereotype of her job, Lottie claims to be “very cut throat” and no pushover, with high standards in every aspect of her life.

“I bring ‘class’ to everything and ensure nothing I do is half-standard or tacky,” she says – and she’s hoping that Lord Sugar will help start an exciting new chapter in her life.

Look, you’d better strap into the book puns, because you KNOW Lord Sugar will be full of them.

Lottie also appears to have done some modelling work in the past.

What skills does Lottie Lion have?

Lottie names her poise and her “powers of persuasion” as her greatest business qualities, though she has little time for bad manners or people who don’t meet her standards. We can imagine all that being torn apart pretty quickly in the boardroom…

Outside of work, Lottie is an avid fan of shooting, horseriding and other countryside activities.

Why has Lottie Lion been such a controversial candidate?

Lion first made headlines when she allegedly told fellow candidate Lubna Farhan to "shut up, Gandhi," in a WhatsApp group chat, a comment she later claimed was referring to an actual Gandhi quote that Farhan had recently used in an argument.

In an interview with The Sun, Lion revealed that after the accusation, she and the rest of this year's Apprentice candidates were called to London for a meeting with the BBC and the show's production company.

While there, she claims the BBC threatened to remove her fee for the show, but instead settled on her making no further appearances on its spin-off programmes.

Lion denies accusations of racism, and told the paper, "If I hurt Lubna in any way, that wasn’t my intention and I apologise to her for any distress that I did cause."

When did Lottie Lion get fired?

Lottie made it all the way to the interview stage where she was fired for her unrealistic and unappealing elite events business plan.


The Apprentice returns to BBC1 on Wednesday 2nd October at 9.00pm


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