New campers Iain Lee and Kezia Dugdale joined the jungle collective, Stanley Johnson proved he's every inch his son's father, and the bush turkey made a run for it...

A Stan for all seasons

After five days in camp Stanley has firmly established himself as the resident font of knowledge – that one celebrity with enough intellectual power to genuinely leave the rest of the camp in shock and awe.

Tonight he took things one step further, enchanting Jamie with his philosophical musings about the role snakes and mosquitos might play in the natural order of things.

“I think that everything has a function in the great web of life, though we may not always know what that function is” said Stanley, leaving Lomas lost for words.

Johnson took his David Attenborough act one step further, discussing the giant sea turtles of the Galapagos with his best jungle pal (and later translator – we'll get to that in a minute) Toff. "He’s just fascinating, an explorer extraordinaire, I’m literally enamoured by him” she said.

Iain's RI:SE to power

Newcomer Iain Lee – or that bloke who presented Channel 4's ill-fated breakfast show, RI:SE with Kate off Big Brother, as those of us who were teenagers in the 00s probably refer to him – didn't get off to the best start in the jungle, instantly insulting the camp while trying to be funny.

"You lot looked really f***ed. Sorry, but you look very exhausted" he told the celebs as he strolled into the Bushtucker Trial clearing with Kezia Dugdale – or "someone from the Labour Party" as Toff described her to a confused Stanley.

It was little wonder, then, that everyone on the benches (there's a theme here, guys) shuffled to Kezia's side when they were asked to choose who they thought might win the 10 Downing Creek challenge.

Two identical tunnels were unveiled, each made up of five chambers: box one was Sickola Sturgeon, followed by Margaret Scratcher, Theresa Dismay, Jeremy Clawbyn and Tony Scare. "They're all politicians' names!" shouted Stanley. "Oh how funny!" chuckled his sidekick, Toff, as the penny finally dropped.

But their joy soon turned to barely concealed dismay as Iain (who they genuinely willed a crab to pinch the living daylights out of) powered through to win the task, be crowned Jungle PM, and decide everyone's fate. He picked Shappi, Jennie, Dennis, Amir and Stanley to join him in Croc Creek, while Kezia, Vanessa, Rebekah, Toff and Jamie were banished to Snake Rock for a supper of rice and beans.

Iain laid down the law with his new Deputy PM Shappi, but it wasn't long before a dispute over Croc Creek's cooking duties put him at odds with former MP Stanley.

Oh Boris, where art thou?

Let them (critters) eat cake

Things were looking pretty grim in Snake Rock, to the point where camp cook Rebekah even considered gobbling the bush turkey.

And their day certainly didn't improve when they took on Crock Creek in a challenge that tested how well they knew their camp mates. Little did Vanessa, Kez and Jamie know, the Crock Creek contestants were actually on their side and fighting to win care packages for all of them.

Team Snake Rock were so determined to win and came tantalising close too. A tie breaker question about the number of stars won during the first series (it was 77, for those of you setting pub quiz questions) was their downfall and they had to watch their Victoria Sponge be devoured by creepy crawlies.

But hey, there's always rice and beans for pudding...

Who's doing the next Bushtucker Trial?

He may have had a night off but the incredibly nervous Amir is back in the saddle.

He'll head into the Fright House (can I please come and work in your pun office, I'm A Celeb?) and go head-to-head with Vanessa in a fight to win stars and another precious care package.

I'm A Celebrity continues on ITV at 9pm on Friday