I’m a Celeb viewers were fuming after Kezia Dugdale got a Harry Potter question wrong

The Scottish Labour politician needs to brush up on her Potter knowledge

(Getty, TL)

Scottish Labour politician Kezia Dugdale has alienated herself from the Harry Potter-loving section of the voting public (so basically, everyone) by getting a question about Voldemort wrong on I’m A Celebrity on Wednesday night.


During her Fear Factory trial with former Conservative MP Stanley Johnson, which involved answering a series of questions while covered in bugs, Kezia was asked whether Voldemort’s real name was Tom Riddle or Tom Malfoy.

“I think he must be a Malfoy,” she said, after hesitating. Johnson was equally unsure.

Many Harry Potter devotees then took to Twitter to express their bemusement at Kezia’s lack of knowledge of fellow Scot JK Rowling’s beloved book series.

But despite their evident dearth of pop cultural knowledge, Kezia and Stanley managed to answer enough questions correctly to go back to the camp with five stars.


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