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I'm a Celebrity Day 11 recap: Iain and Amir shock viewers with Dingo Dollar betrayal

For the first time in 17 years, their hard-won treat was unbelievably eaten on the way to camp

Iain Lee and Amir Khan on I'm a Celebrity
Published: Wednesday, 29th November 2017 at 11:03 pm

Where the heck do we begin with day 11 in the I'm a Celebrity camp?


We had thought that Rebekah Vardy being ruled out of taking part in a Bushtucker Trial on medical grounds on the way to the trial was going to be the biggest drama to go down in the camp. Boy, how wrong were we?

There was utter disbelief and uproar when for the first time in I'm a Celebrity history, the tasty treat which was won during the Dingo Dollar challenge was snaffled and never even made it back to camp.

Here's what happened...


From start to finish, this was all horrendous. Despite being dressed as a cat and getting electrocuted respectively, Amir Khan and Iain Lee gamely won the Dingo Dollar challenge and made their way to see the newly-returned Kiosk Keith.

Faced with a choice between gold coins and strawberries and cream, they opted to go for the latter and were elated when their campmates got the correct answer. Keith handed over the strawberries and cream - and a terrible, terrible sequence of events was set in motion.

Maybe it was because he was dressed as a cat? Perhaps it was blind hunger? Either way, Amir was the devil on Iain's shoulder as he suggested to the radio host that they shouldn't take their treat back to the camp. Instead, they should eat the plate of fruit and cream in the jungle and lie about getting the question right.

It seemed like a silly, throwaway comment. Everyone had a good old laugh. But then...

Yep, for the first time in the entirety of I'm a Celebrity history they betrayed their fellow celebrities and snaffled the ENTIRE plate in the woods like a pair of rabid squirrels.

Getting back into camp, they went with their lie. Everyone believed that they'd been unsuccessful in getting the correct answer and that was that. Well, until Iain's conscience kicked in. In the Bush Telegraph, he told Amir he wanted to confess everything.

Amir replied that that was long as he was completely absolved of all responsibility. "I ain't going to tell them," exclaimed Amir. "If you're going to tell them, you're taking all the blame...if you mention my name, you are dead." What a twonk.

It genuinely felt upsetting to watch Iain be thrown entirely under the bus...well, until we remembered him munching through the pile of strawberries drowning in cream.

And then, despite being a bit behind Iain, Amir's guilt finally caught up with him and he went to give an explanation to the camp - while being dressed as a cat. Although he wasn't feeling entirely honest as he set about spreading around the camp that it was Iain who instigated the whole thing. Hmmmmm...

"I felt really close to the group until about 15 hours ago," Iain admitted on ITV2's Extra Camp. "I think by betraying everybody's trust and stabbing everyone in the back with a dagger coated in cream, I've caused enough trouble for now." You don't say.

Dennis was very unamused, Rebekah said she would "go ape s**t" if they were her kids and Jamie just couldn't let it go. Everything threatened to descend into proper Lord of the Flies territory. And viewers were not impressed...

There was more drama at the Bushtucker Trial...

It was a night of firsts on I'm a Celebrity. After the drama of Amir and Iain's sneaky snacking, Rebekah Vardy said she was “devastated” after being withdrawn from a Celebrity Bushtucker Trial at the last minute.

For the first time in the show’s history, Medic Bob had to rule someone out of doing a trial before it had even begun after noticing that Becky’s blood pressure was low. Bob assessed her in a nearby tent and ruled her out of completing the trial.

The celebrity who had received the third highest votes from the public after Stanley Johnson and Rebekah was then drafted in, and it transpired that it was Labour's Kecia Dugdale who had to face The Fear Factory.

Despite Stanley having no idea what was going on (what's new?) and then it transpiring that he has a shot that was laughably terrible, they somehow managed to claw a total of five meals for camp out of a possible 11 during the trial...a trial which Ant described as "more tense than The Chase". Make of that what you will.

Who's doing the Bushtucker Trial tomorrow?

Presuming that neither of them are ruled out at the last minute on medical grounds, Amir Khan and Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo are going to be customers at Kiosk Kieth's Outback Refreshment Shack.

Frankly, a cup of blended bull's bits is the least Amir deserves after all that...


I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV.


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