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Love Island viewers think they know who's leaving the villa tonight - and it's bad news for Amy and Curtis

Viewers were asked to vote for their favourite couple

Published: Thursday, 27th June 2019 at 5:10 pm

Another day, another Love Island dumping


After the shock exit of Yewande earlier this week, we may be losing another couple of Islanders after a public vote was announced at the end of last night’s (26th June) Love Island.

We asked viewers to vote for their favourite couple, and it appears opinions are split.

Unsurprisingly Amber and Michael are both universally popular in their coupling and with our readers, with 28% of voters picking them as their favourites.

However, things are neck and neck between Tommy and Molly-Mae, and shockingly Arabella and Danny, with both pairings receiving 20% of the vote each.

Arabella and Danny have faced almost universal backlash on Twitter following their perceived ill-treatment of Yewande, who sassily told Danny "what goes around comes around" when she was voted off.

However, readers wanting to keep Danny and Arabella together may be more sadistic than first thought; with the prospect of Casa Amor round the corner, viewers may want to see if Danny and Arabella can get their heads turned once again.

While Lucie and Anton are in the middle of the pack with 16%, in less surprising news, only 8% of our readers and Maura and Tom as their favourite couple.


Where Maura has seen her popularity skyrocket after she savagely put Tom down following his “all mouth” comment to her, Tom has yet to recover from his faux pas – and things are set to plummet after Maura discovered he had been dismissive of their coupling once more.

Meanwhile, we could see the longest-standing couple Amy and Curtis in trouble, with only 8% selecting them as their favourites.

While considered one of the strongest couples in the villa, Curtis and Amy have both shouldered their brunt of criticism from the outside, with fans claiming they lacked any genuine sexual chemistry and having been less than impressed when Curtis seemed non-committal over a future with Amy.

However, we’re guessing this dumping won’t be so clear cut.

If producers follow what happened with last year’s Love Island, it’s likely the three least popular couples will be split up, with the girls picking which boy they want to eliminate and the boys picking which girl they want gone.

With Casa Amor just round the corner, who will be eliminated just as things really heat up?


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2


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