Dumped Love Islander Jonny wants his ex Camilla and new boy Jamie to win the show

Nope, we weren't expecting that either...


If there was one thing we weren’t expecting Love Island’s Jonny to say as soon as he was dumped from the island, it would be that he was rooting for Camilla and Jamie to win the show.


But he’s gone and shown that maybe he’s not that bad after all, and put his full support behind the new couple, wanting to see them make it all the way to the end and win that £50,000 prize.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com and other press after being dumped, Jonny was asked who he wanted to see win, and it was either Marcel and Gabby or Camilla and Jamie.

“I’d love to see Jamie and Cam win it, because Cam was never expecting too much and I know it would be amazing for her confidence and her self-esteem in general for her to win it,” he told us. “So I’d love to see them win it.”


He also described Jamie as “genuine and mature” and said that he doesn’t think he’s met a nicer guy than the Calvin Klein model! “I got on really, really well with him,” added Jonny, saying of Jamie and Camilla’s relationship: “I do think it’s genuine…they’ve got tons in common and I think they will make a good go of it if I’m totally honest.”

To put it mildly, things between Jonny and Camilla weren’t always so peachy. Their relationship seemed to be on the right track when a huge row over feminism derailed them. They eventually seemed to patch things back together only for a Tyla-shaped bombshell to fall on the pair.

Jonny’s eye wandered, he dumped Camilla for the new girl and Cam cried for what felt like a week.


Asked if he regretted initially ending things with Camilla, Jonny said: “No, I don’t regret any decision I made in there.

“I think in that kind of environment as long as you handle things with some level of respect, it is kind of the premise of the show. You have to go with your heart, you have to go with what you think is better to do. And no, I don’t regret any decisions I made in there to do with Camilla or Tyla.”

But does he wish he would have given Cam a little more time to come out of her shell?

“I mean, me and Cam were coupled up from day two or day three,” he explains. “So I feel like the time that we had together – she’s an amazing person, she really is. I couldn’t fault her whatsoever and I definitely have made a friend for life in her.


“But I feel like we were just moving at very different paces and it was coming off that I wasn’t interested and really I was just moving at her pace. I didn’t want to rush things too fast and make her uncomfortable. We all saw that when Craig came in and things were slightly more full on, it did make her uncomfortable and did make her back off.

“And that was kind of the point I was trying to get across the whole time – I wasn’t just thinking back and not interested. It was me wanting to respect her boundaries and move at her speed.”

Asked if he thought getting dumped by Tyla was karma for what happened between himself and Camilla, Jonny said: “Karma is a bit of a weird concept in that villa because the premise of the show is to find love – to find someone you’re more comfortable with.

“So I think giving something a go with someone and then meeting someone else that is better for you and then handling it in the right way instead of just jumping ship, making sure that you discuss everything with everyone and take things very slow – I don’t particularly think that that’s a negative thing so I wouldn’t personally say it’s karma.”


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2