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Dumped Love Island star Chris explains how Jordan fell for India behind-the-scenes

“There’s only a finite amount you see on TV”

Jordan and India, Love Island(ITV)
Published: Thursday, 25th July 2019 at 8:55 pm

With just days until the Love Island final, Jordan decided to make the bold (and stupid) move to ditch partner Anna for newcomer India.


It was a decision that baffled viewers at home, with Jordan’s attraction to the model seemingly coming out of nowhere – particularly as he had only just asked Anna to be his girlfriend the day before.

While conspiracy theorists on Twitter pointed towards producers meddling with relationships, recently dumped Islander Chris said that Jordan’s feelings blossomed off-camera.

We see our Islanders snacking and cooking breakfast, but lunch and dinner happens away from prying eyes – which is where Chris noticed Jordan leaning towards India.

Islanders also receive one day off filming a week where they are allowed out of the villa, however talk about the show is strictly forbidden.

Love island Anna confronts Jordan (ITV)
Love island Anna confronts Jordan (ITV)

“There’s only a finite amount of time you see on TV, “ Chris explained to “You only see an hour snippet from a 24 hour day. There were conversations between India and Jordan that you’ll never see.

“There’s a lot of downtime, us eating lunch, us eating dinner. We’re not allowed to talk about the show, but we can talk about whatever else we want. In those moments, there’s lots of flirting going on. There was a lot of flirtiness there.

“I had a feeling I knew what Jordan was going to do, and I kind of suggested he didn’t do it, but he went with his heart and who am I to judge?”

Chris does argue that Jordan handled the situation with Anna badly, which has seen them now turfed out of the programme.

“I don’t agree with how Jordan went about it,” he said. “He should have spoken to Anna and Ovie and then he should have spoken to India, and he didn’t. He knows that and he knows that was a mistake.”

Chris himself previously had feelings for India, and while he admits he still fancies her, he would "still have coupled up with Harley" after the pair made up following the explosive headline challenge.

He is now looking forward to what the future may hold for the pair of them.

“I think the amount of time we had together was probably around four or five days, which is more than what that would feel like on the outside, it’s like dog years in there. We definitely like each other. We’re going to see how things go on the outside.”


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV 2


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