Drag Race UK “cut” heated argument between Krystal Versace and Scarlett Harlett

Drag Race UK finalist Krystal Versace has revealed her spat with Scarlett Harlett was more "heated" than viewers saw on screen.

Scarlett and Krystal

Drag Race UK finalist Krystal Versace said she had a “heated” argument with Scarlett Harlett on the show that didn’t make it to air.


The two RuPaul’s Drag Race UK contestants butted heads in episode seven of the current series, when Scarlett compared Krystal’s look to that of eliminated queen Anubis. However, Krystal recently told RadioTimes.comand other press there was more to the argument than what viewers saw.

When asked whether there were any scenes that didn’t make it to air, the 19-year-old replied: “I think the drama with Scarlett. I was really gutted that they didn’t leave a lot of that in because that was more heated in person and on camera than it was shown.

“I said a lot more and there was quite a heated argument. But obviously there’s so much love now; I love Scarlett and it’s sorted out but at the time, obviously, watching it back, I was like, ‘Ah it would have been such good TV.’

“But I was over it, I was p***ed off, and they cut that out, which would have been great,” she added.

The Royal Tunbridge Wells contestant is one of three drag queens to make it to the series three final, with Kitty Scott-Claus and Ella Vaday also battling it out for the Drag Race UK crown this Thursday.


Last week’s episode saw Vanity Milan fall at the semi-final hurdle as she became the ninth queen to be eliminated from the competition.

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