Danny Dyer won’t enter the Love Island villa and viewers are gutted

A preview for Sunday's episode confirmed Dani's famous dad will appear via video link instead

Danny Dyer, Getty, SL

If you’ve spent seven weeks gearing up for Danny Dyer’s appearance on Love Island, we’ve got some bad news…


A preview for Sunday night’s ‘meet the parents’ episode of the ITV2 dating series has confirmed that while the EastEnders actor does share a conversation with his daughter Dani and her boyfriend Jack, he won’t be in the villa itself.

Instead, the older Dyer appears via video link – although that doesn’t seem to dampen the spirits of his daughter Dani. The brief teaser shows her and Jack giggling in front of a screen showing her famous dad joking: “Where is he? I’m going to kill him, where is he?”

Yeah, good luck Jack…

But while Dani looks delighted by the sight of her father, Love Island fans were less than impressed with the latest twist:

In fact, they felt about as bummed as Alexandra when she found out Alex dug a sports car more than her…

For some, it was the only reason they had stayed tuned all this time.

Still, at least we get the prospect of Alex meeting Alexandra’s parents. That’s gotta be awkward, right?


Love Island continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV2 with the live final taking place on Monday 30th July