Name: Nadia Sawalha


Age: 50

Twitter: @nadiasawalha

Famous, why? EastEnders, Loose Women and for not being her sister Julia

Bio: Nadia’s big break (her only break, as it turned out) was in EastEnders playing bland businesswoman Annie Palmer back in the late 90s. After that she found herself stuck on the Casualty and The Bill treadmill. No, we haven’t forgotten about her turns in Press Gang, Pride and Prejudice and Saffron Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous: that was of course her sister Julia.

Nadia did secure a regular gig on Loose Women – where she can still be found airing her opinions today – and dabbled in presenting with brief turns on The One Show, Wanted Down Under and Lorraine.

More successful was her first foray into reality shows: in 2007 she won Celebrity MasterChef, which led to a couple of cookery shows. She fared less well on Dancing On Ice in 2011, failing to qualify for the first round.

Her mother has told her not to take charge in the kitchen but Nadia has clearly never seen an episode of Big Brother because she plans to ignore this golden rule: "I have this fear that Big Brother will say you're not allowed to cook, which will be really hard because I hate other people cooking!"

However, even with a frying pan in her hand Nadia is no Gordon Ramsay:

“What I can’t take is someone who isn’t kind. If somebody just really isn’t a very nice person then I will have a rub up with them. I can’t hide it if I don’t like somebody.”

We predict she's going to rub up with Katie Hopkins, or even be rubbed up the wrong way...


Video: There are not one, not two, but three Sawalha sisters in this clip from A Taste of My Life, which is all about Julia, inevitably:

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