Name: Katie Hopkins


Age: 39

Twitter: @KTHopkins

Famous, why? Being nasty on the Apprentice, and then being horrible on daytime TV

Bio: Katie Hopkins first came to the public's attention on series three of The Apprentice (where she fired Lord Sugar just as he was about to give her a place in the final) but has since become best-known for her controversial media appearances (and Sun newspaper column).

In 2013 Katie caused uproar and accusations of classism when she revealed on This Morning that she screened her children’s friends based on their given names, and later made several statements criticising the obese, the tattooed and several celebrities.

Most recently, she’s been the subject of a petition calling for her arrest after describing Palestinians as “filthy rodents”, and had police investigate a series of offensive tweets she posted related to Scottish aid worker and Ebola sufferer Pauline Cafferkey.

And that’s not to mention her several celebrity feuds – so could her appearance in CBB be her attempt to atone for her previous harshness? Er, not exactly.

"I'm not trying to show people that I'm nice,” she says, “I'm just going in to do 'Katie'.”

“People might think that actually Katie isn't a bitch 100 per cent of the time. I think there is a funnier side to me, but equally I may come out as the biggest bitch in Britain again and that is also totally acceptable."

Right-o, then.

Then… withdrawing from the final on The Apprentice


Now… gaining and losing weight to prove how easy it is on TLC’s My Fat Story

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