They say they’re going to win, but then again they say a lot of things… mostly derogatory, and mostly about their fellow housemates. But can Speidi (trading name of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag) really win Celebrity Big Brother 2013?


Certainly they’re more popular outside the house than they are in it. On both occasions where they’ve been available for nomination, they have been put up for the public vote by ALL of their housemates. However, on both occasions, Speidi have been saved by the keen-fingered phone voters and texters of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

On the first occasion the public had no choice. Paula Hamilton could not be allowed to stay on our screens – she was simply too much. But on Wednesday, the fact that the viewers kicked apparently good-natured Page 3 girl Lacey Banghard out rather than the plotting, bitching Speidi is rather telling. The people want trouble, and without Speidi – they’re not going to get it.

From the very beginning, Mr X Factor, Rylan Clark, has been the bookmaker’s favourite to take the title – and on paper, it’s hard to see how his bittersweet mix of childish vulnerability and flamboyance could possibly fail. To put it simply, he is the ultimate 21st century B-list celebrity.

But, let’s just imagine for one crazy moment that Rylan slips up – and perhaps it transpires that he really is acting (a charge he vehemently denies), who could win this series of CBB?

If it’s not Rylan, then who? The bookies have Razor Ruddock half-heartedly as second favourite… but after that, their odds suggest it could be anyone.

Gillian Taylforth and Tricia Penrose come across as nice enough folk – but let’s face it, they aren’t winner material, and the same goes for Toadie from Neighbours and Claire from Steps.

That leaves the public with three choices:

Razor. Your salt-of-the-earth loveable rogue type. This category of contestant has won in the past in the shape of Alex Reid and Paddy Doherty.

Frankie. The eccentric. Those who voted for Bez to win CBB3 and Julian Clary to win CBB10 might well be tempted by the undersized Italian stallion.

And then there’s Speidi. They’re trouble, but they’re tremendous – if uncomfortable - viewing. They’ve torn the house apart and done everything they can to be loved for being filled with hatred. If it’s an act, it’s brilliant - if it’s just bonkers LA paranoia… well, it’s even more brilliant. There is no Celebrity Big Brother precedent in place for such a winner, but maybe, just maybe, the public is finally willing to try something new?


It would be a brave reality television fan who bet against Rylan - but it would be nice to think the volatile reality screen legends Speidi at least make it to the final…