Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Rylan Clark

From his energetic performances on The X Factor to that infamous Gary Barlow fat jibe, here's everything you need to know about Essex's outrageous entertainer

Name: Ross Richard “Rylan” Clark


Age: 24

Famous for: Reaching the final five on 2012’s The X Factor and labelling Gary Barlow fat.

Bio: Prior to his tuneless turn on ITV’s The X Factor, Rylan was no stranger to reality TV, having reached the final of Katie Price’s modelling contest Signed by Katie the previous year. But, surprisingly enough, ambitious young Rylan had to wait until 2012 to see his name in lights when, under the mentoring of Nicole Scherzinger, his week-on-week outrageous performances won him a loyal fanbase that even his nemesis Gary Barlow couldn’t ignore. Since his elimination in November Rylan has cemented his presence amongst the celebrity Z-list circuit and has been photographed outside the openings of numerous envelopes sporting his trademark flamboyant attire.


Watch Rylan’s unique mash up of Groove is in the Heart with Gangnam Style below: