Carol Kirkwood’s smile slips during emotional episode of Strictly Come Dancing’s It Takes Two

The sunny BBC weather presenter reached for the tissues during her final appearance on Strictly's companion show

Tissues at the ready, Strictly fans. If the sight of Britain’s smiliest, sunniest weather presenter crying doesn’t make your own eyes water, you’ve got a heart colder than Craig’s…


Carol Kirkwood’s trademark smile slipped ever so briefly last night during an emotional instalment of Strictly’s sister show It Takes Two

The star, who was eliminated from the competition during this Sunday’s results show, was there with professional parter Pasha Kovalev to talk to Zoe Ball, and during the 10-minute segment Carol was all watery-eyed and wobbly-voiced.

She held it together to begin with. “I feel sad, but the overwhelming feeling is one of pleasure,” she said. “It was just amazing. It was amazing to be part of Strictly and all the glamour around it. To be taught by Pasha how to dance, what a privilege. It was just fabulous! It almost seems like a dream now.”

But after a message from her BBC Breakfast colleagues, a memory book and a look back at her time on Strictly, it’s no wonder Carol got a lump in her throat. 

When Zoe asked her if she was relieved or heartbroken to go home, Carol replied, “It’s a bit of both. I think I got as far as I could because I’m not the greatest dancer. I loved it and gave it my best shot…” before stopping and saying: “I’m going to cry!”

Luckily Pasha was on hand with a (sparkly) box of tissues.

“No crying!” he said. “Remember we are the happy couple!”

The tears sprang back at the end of the segment too, when Zoe said farewell to the departing dancers. “You are genuinely one of the most beautiful, gorgeous, positive beings I think I’ve ever met,” she told Carol. “It’s been such a joy watching the two of your dancing each week. We’re really going to miss you. Now I’m going to cry!” 


It Takes Two continues weeknights at 6:30pm on BBC2