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Ant and Dec “save 2020” by taking on the “nightmare” Bushtucker Trial eating ordeal

The presenters ate the most gruesome menu possible, to the delight of viewers watching A Jungle Story.


Ant and Dec undertook the Bushtucker Trial challenge on I’m a Celebrity – A Jungle Story, an ordeal that viewers lapped up while the presenters choked and retched their way through it.


The star presenters have hosted 19 seasons of ITV’s perennial hit celebrity jungle series, but this is the first time they’ve undergone the hell of the jungle menu trial so many contestants have suffered before them.

Didn’t they make a meal of it, much to the amusement of I’m a Celebrity fans.

Ant started with a relatively innocuous witchetty grub, before trying a glass of blended vomit fruit and a raw fish eye.

Dec’s menu consisted a of fermented duck egg, blended cockroaches and pig’s penis.


Dec was particularly repulsed at the prospect of eating the duck egg, but Ant pointed out that as his wife, Ali, was their manager she must have signed off the challenge.

Dec quipped that she was now their “ex manager”.

Ant’s final item on the menu was a raw fish eye. “This is the one, this is one we always say ‘not the fish eye.’ It’s an eye,” he shuddered.

He gagged as he tried to chew it, gripping the table like his life depended on it. The eyeball pop was particularly revolting, but somehow he managed to keep it down.

Host of the challenge Joel Dommett presented Dec with the last item in their Bushtucker Trial, his “nightmare” – a pig’s penis.

Somehow he managed it despite describing it as “really gristly”

Somehow the duo managed to survive it, even each winning five of the seven stars on offer.

Viewers were universally in stitches watching the pair take on the eating challenge. “Its been a s**t 2020 but watching Ant and Dec doing a Bush tucker trial has probly made my year #imacelebrity”.

As an appetitiser for the main feast, A Jungle Story left a pleasing taste for viewers, if not for Ant and Dec.

I’m a Celebrity premieres on Sunday 15th November.


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