New adventure show 007: Road to a Million sees nine pairs from all walks of life go head-to-head for a £1 million cash prize.


The series, which is now available to watch on Prime Video, has 18 contestants take on James Bond-inspired challenges in various locations, all from iconic moments in the movies.

In order to win the jackpot, the pairs have to answer questions hidden in different locations, all set by The Controller.

To advance to the next step, the duos have to correctly complete the set challenge - and if they fail, they're out of the competition.

In the final episode of 007: Road to a Million, the three remaining pairs find themselves facing a gruelling off-piste hole across the freeze slopes in the Swiss Alps.

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The pairs discover The Controller has rigged a question case with high explosives, and the only way to continue is to shoot it down before it detonates, which would bring an end to their journey.

So, who came out victorious? Here's everything you need to know about who won 007: Road to a Million.

Who won 007: Road to a Million?

No one! Unfortunately, no one left the competition with £1 million, but the remaining pairs did take home some money.

Back in London, you can hear The Controller say: "So, no one reach the million pound question. This time. Shame. I wonder if there is anyone out there who has what it takes to go all the way."

Read on for a breakdown of what the remaining pairs won in 007: Road to a Million.

Kamara and Josh

Josh and Kamara in 007: Road To A Million holding a metal canister
Josh and Kamara on 007: Road to a Million. Henry James/Prime Video

Kamara and Josh were tasked with picking up the laser gun in the middle of a frozen lake and hitting the target in order to retrieve the briefcase.

However, they ended up blowing up the briefcase, losing out on the chance of becoming millionaires.

As seen in the final moments, the pair open a locker that has a duffle bag. Inside the bag is wads of money.

Kamara and Josh then give each other a hug before they set off back home.

James and Joey

Joey and James on 007: Road To A Million looking into a silver case
Joey and James on 007: Road to a Million. Jemma Cox/Prime Video

Having already won £150,000, James and Joey had to walk on a frozen lake, pick up the laser rifle and shoot five targets to get the briefcase.

Unfortunately, the brothers blew up the briefcase that held the clue to the next level. While this meant their time in the competition was over, they won £150,000.

Beth and Jen

Jen and Beth on 007: Road To A Million looking into a silver case
Jen and Beth on 007: Road to a Million. Henry James/Prime Video

Beth and Jen had to complete the same task as the others, but they managed to win the round. The briefcase had keys to an Aston Martin DB5, the same model used in the Skyfall movie.

The car had a GPS that led the nurses to a small hamlet, but they were the last people there - and so the Controller told them to disembark and complete the journey while scaling a mountain.

Beth and Jen both failed and were eliminated like the others, meaning none of the final three won the £1 million jackpot - but the nurses did leave with a duffle bag full of money.

Unlike the others, Beth and Jen headed back home in the Aston Martin they had previously acquired.

007: Road to a Million will be available to stream on Prime Video now – you can sign up now for a free 30-day Prime Video trial.

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